FAQs about Donor Area

About 3 weeks, it is possible to shave the head directly after the operation, but it is better to wait for about 3 weeks.
Many people are interested in knowing whether hair will grow naturally in the donor area after hair transplantation,well, Hair regrowth in the donor area is done only by hair follicles that have not been transferred to the bald areas. It is worth noting that the hair follicles are transferred geometrically and medically that works to cover the bald areas as much as possible and at the same time does not leave noticeable spaces in the donor area, as the remaining hair in the donor area will cover the places where the follicles are extracted.
It takes about two weeks for the donor area to recover.
Fluid accumulation is another common side effect that can cause swelling of the scalp and face after hair transplantation. It is also the natural scalp reaction very similar to how any other part of the body swells up after any operation.
The first night after the procedure, a bandage will be placed over the donor area, however the recipient hair transplant area will be left uncovered. You can remove the bandage over the donor area on the next day. No extra care or treatment will be necessary.
Since hair follicles and surrounding cells are completely removed from the scalp surface, hair regrowth at the donor site is not possible at all. Hair regrowth will only occur in areas of the donor site where the hair follicles have not been completely extracted.
The donor area has about 6000 follicular units that can be safely harvested from the average individual.