FAQs about dental implants

Modern dental implants have been in use since the 1960s.
Below are the common types of dental implant materials used in making dental implants today. • Titanium dental implant materials - Made from metal, Titanium is regarded as the most common type of dental implant materials • Zirconia dental implant materials - In contrast to titanium, zirconia is a recent invention.
Yes. Dental implants may be removed to change the overall restorative strategy or the implant fails.
No, Dental implants are fixed in the bone just like natural teeth.
Dentists do following steps for dental implant: • Surgical incision to open gums and expose the bone. • Drill holes deep in bones where dental implant posts will be embedded. • Place abutment • Take Final Impression • Attach crown.
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The dental implant is a permanent teeth restoration procedure, with better esthetic, easier to maintain, not harmful to gums and bones, and longer life.
Dental implant improves your smile and may cause virtual facelift by restoring the vertical height that was reduced when your natural teeth were lost.
Yes, in comparison with other teeth restoration procedures dental implant is designed to replicate the shape and color of natural teeth.
Yes, an infection around the dental implant in a form of gum disease also known as peri-implantitis, may occur due to systemic or local causes like tobacco smoking, poor oral hygiene, diabetes, and immune diseases.