Teeth medicine FAQs

Dentists do not recommend the use of charcoal for teeth whitening, because it scrapes a layer of tooth enamel, which may cause many problems and severe pain.
It is not recommended to use the mouthwash continuously for more than one-week maximum and special cases only, such as gum infections, but it can be replaced with water and salt, which gives the same results and without side effects.
When patients are looking to restore the function of their teeth and maintain bone health and density.
7 Hollywood celebrities with dental implants are: • Christie Brinkley • George Clooney • Morgan Freeman • Mike Tyson • 50 Cent • Chris Rock • Tom Cruise
In most instances, bad breath in people with dental implants is caused by poor oral hygiene and infection, fortunately, its treatable.
Unfortunately, dental implant prices are not likely to go down, but Ilajak Medical always has food and reasonable offers.
No, traditional whitening procedures and materials are useless for dental implant cause it’s made of artificial materials, not enamel-like natural teeth.
The dental implant is always a good restoration option as long as you are healthy enough, have healthy gums and bone, and can maintain your oral health very well.
It is very important to replace missing teeth to avoid consequences, and a dental implant is the best replacement option.
Unlike natural teeth, a dental implant is not susceptible to decay because it’s made of an artificial material that cannot grow caries.