Hair transplantation for men in Turkey

It is an operation in which a surgeon transfers hair follicles from a dense hair region، such as the sides and back of the scalp (the donor area)، to another area that suffers from hair loss (the beneficial area).
Because it combines high quality and reasonable prices، with years of experience، in addition to the possibility of getting out of the work pressure and hiking in the most beautiful places in the world in Istanbul.
Hair Transplant is considered pain-free due to local anesthesia، which lasts for approximately 12 hours، and the patient is also provided with appropriate analgesics for the post-operative period.
Hair transplants are typically more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration procedures. But there are some factors to consider: Anywhere from 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair will fully grow back in an estimated three to four months. Like regular hair.
The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure is a technique where the required amount of follicular unit grafts are extracted from the patient's bald resistant donor areas and are then transplanted in the balding or thinning areas of the patient's scalp.
Hair Transplant is considered one of the expensive operations in Europe، America and the world، it is affordable، in Istanbul، Turkey، where the hair transplant ranges between 800 to1000 €
Hair Transplant is considered a permanent procedure if it is done right and if the donor's hair is selected from the hair loss resistant zone.
Yes، definitely hair transplant is worth its procedure. It permanently restores the hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas.
Yes of course، If you are losing hair or getting bald then hair transplant is the best option to restore your natural hair look.
The cost of hair transplants is dependent on many different factors. It is highly variable and typically ranges anywhere from $4،000 to $15،000 which is considered very expensive