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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We answer the most important medical questions that concern you, with the accurate answers of specialists about them, in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

Common medical questions

Common medical questions

Often, the lower back of the mother is affected by the synchronization of several factors with each other, such as excessive muscle use and stretching, muscle damage, or damage to the ligaments supporting the spine. In some less common cases, it is possible to feel back pain as a result of disease or spinal cord sprain. Risk factors are factors or conditions that increase our risk of pain. The greater the risk factors surrounding you, the greater the risk of back pain. Among the uncontrollable factors are: . Reaching the age of menopause (the risk of pain after age 65 is lower). . Andrology. . A historical record of back pain in the family. . Pregnancy - The back of a pregnant woman is under great pressure as a result of pregnancy. . Previous patient with compressed fracture. . The patient performed back surgery in the past. . Congenital spinal disorders. Risk factors that can be controlled through life-altering or drug therapies include: . Lack of physical and athletic activity . Work or jobs that require a person to sit for long periods, lifting heavy weights, bending or turning obliquely, frequent movements or continuous vibration (such as using a pneumatic hammer or driving certain types of heavy equipment). . Smoking - Smokers are more likely to suffer from lower back pain. . Obesity and excess weight. . Imbalance. . Stress . Persistent depression. . The use of drugs that weaken bones, for a continuous period, such as corticosteroids (Corticosteroids).

The task of chlorine is to kill bacteria. So, despite the rumors, chlorine is unlikely to cause inflammation in the vagina. The same is true for brine. However, chlorine and seawater may cause sensitivity to sensitive skin, so it is advisable to rinse the skin thoroughly with clean water after swimming.

Yes, this is normal if you always sweat in hot weather. Try to stay away from spicy foods because they stimulate more sweat. If excessive sweating is new to you, consult your doctor because certain medications and health problems may increase sweating