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Dental Treatment

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Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers
There are many differences between Veneers and Luminaires. This article discusses these differences in terms of (procedure, pros, cons, costs, and results). Read and know which option is better for you.
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Hollywood Smile in Turkey: pros, cons, and cost
Your guide to a Hollywood smile in Istanbul (costs, procedures, and best clinics). Also, find out about the best offers of ILAJAK for a Hollywood smile in Istanbul.
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Dental implants in Istanbul
Is Istanbul a good place for dental implants? Learn about the best dental implant clinics in Istanbul and The cost of dental implants in Istanbul.
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All on four dental implants in Turkey
It is a modern technique used to repair a dental prosthesis with 4 implants that are implanted at certain angles for patients who do not have teeth. Read about the advantages and cost of this technique in Turkey
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In-Office Teeth Whitening Options and advantages
Do in-office teeth whitening work? What are available options in Turkey and how much they cost? Find out the benefits, drawbacks, and costs of such procedures.
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Teeth whitening trays
Teeth whitening trays are one of the easiest ways to whiten your teeth. Find out their types, how they work, pros and cons, and other teeth whitening alternatives at ILAJAK Medical.
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4 common alternatives to dental implants
Dental implants may not always be the best option for you! Find out 4 common alternatives to dental implants. Click Here to learn more!
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Dental implants experience in Turkey with ILAJAK Medical
Discover dental implants experiences and testimonials of ILAJAK Medical patients in Turkey, the final results, and how much they are satisfied with our service quality level.
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Sensitive Teeth: All you need to know
An ultimate guide for sensitive teeth, how to recognize it? What are root causes? And how to fix it? See more…
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What is tartar and how it affects teeth and gum?
Through this post we’ll deal with tartar and try to explain its root causes and how it can affect negatively your teeth. Keep reading