Tooth Abscess FAQs

Yes, if left untreated may turn into a life-threatening condition
Yes, if the abscessed tooth is in the upper jaw and close to the sinus it may worsen and invade into sinuses.
No, the cause behind the abscess needs to be addressed for the abscess to heal.
Yes, a tooth abscess may cause fever along with swelling.
Yes, a dental abscess may cause a headache.
You should never attempt to pop an abscess on your own, rather we recommend visiting a dentist as soon as possible a meanwhile you may rinse with salt water or apply a cold compress.
As long as the reason exists the tooth abscess won’t go away on its own without treatment.
Yes, some abscesses are painless fortunately it may show some other symptoms like swollen cheeks and gums.
Eventually, the abscess resolves if the causing tooth is extracted.