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Stomach Botox Injections

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Stomach Botox has emerged recently as one of the procedures that provide a solution for the obesity problem.

Gastric Botox injection is a process in which the stomach wall is injected from the inside with Botox, which is the substance known to be used to smooth facial wrinkles and to treat migraines, as this material relaxes the facial muscles.

What is stomach Botox injection?

Stomack botox and just the same way it works on the face muscles, it neutralizes the motor nerves and the smooth muscles of the stomach wall for a period that can extend up to 6 months, causing a relaxation in the stomach, which suppresses appetite, makes the feeling of satiety last longer and causes a decrease in the amount of food consumed, and by this mechanism it helps obesity patients lose weight.

Stomach botox injection definition

The stomach Botox injection is a totally pain-free procedure performed by endoscope through the mouth, and without general anesthesia, this procedure is not considered a surgical operation as in other procedures for obesity treatment, which makes this injection procedure completely safe.

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Stomach Botox injection benefits

  • Stomach Botox is recommended for patients whose body mass ranges between 28 and 40. This means stomach Botox is suitable for people who suffer from overweight and light obesity.
  • Non-surgical procedure no dressings are required because the procedure does not include any incisions or sutures.
  • An immediate return to activities of daily routine.
  • The healing process is faster and more comfortable compared to other weight-loss surgeries.

Stomach Botox injection side effects

Since the procedure for stomach Botox is very easy and simple, it has not produced serious symptoms yet. Since the materials used in the surgery completely leave the body within 4 to 6 months, there is no risk of a permanent problem.

A customized and adaptive diet program is essential after the procedure because stomach muscle movement is limited, heavy food and drink consumption may cause the surgery to fail and regain the weight.

Gastric Botox does have certain side effects, such as pain and swelling in the area of the injection, nausea, and indigestion so, that a person considering getting Botox should not perform this procedure if he has any muscle disease or an allergy to Botox.

Also, the tests that will be performed will show whether the procedure is suitable.

Stomach Botox injection effect on digestion

The main effect of gastric Botox is slowing the movement of the stomach, the transition time of food from the stomach to the intestines takes up to 10-12 hours. This also causes the person to feel full for a long time.

Risks of Stomach Botox injection

Risks of stomach Botox are rare which includes:

  • Bleeding: Generally, Gastric Botox complications are not seen so often. Although this is not a major risk, any injection applied to the stomach may cause bleeding.
  • Allergy: One of the rare Gastric Botox Complications is allergy!
  • Constipation: Some patients complain of constipation after gastric Botox procedure. This complication resolves easily with some stool softeners.
Complications of Stomach botox injection

Compared to other weight-loss operations, this procedure is considered relatively safe, and the complications that may result from gastric Botox injections are very simple in relation to other procedures.

Requirement of gastric Botox injections

As in other bariatric procedures, a patient is considered a candidate for this procedure in the following cases:

If the patient suffers from obesity, and regular weight-loss techniques such as using diet and exercise have failed.
If the patient has one of the obesity related health conditions, such as: type 2 diabetes mellitus, and elevated blood pressure.

Stomach Botox injection before care

At Ilajak Medical we examine each patient very carefully, after proper examination and eligibility tests, if the patient is eligible for gastric Botox, we start with a detailed medical history including medications, allergies, and blood tests.

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Patients are requested to fast for 8 hours before the procedure to have a good and well-experienced.

Stomach Botox injection procedure step by step

  1. The doctor sometimes begins sedating the throat area, to ensure the patient avoids any vomiting sensation during the operation.

No general anesthesia is required for this procedure; the patient remains conscious of his surroundings.

  1. After inserting the endoscope into the stomach, the doctor begins to inject the Botox, which is found in the injection needle hanging at the end of the endoscope, in different areas located on the inner walls of the stomach, the injection is inserted into the muscles of the stomach wall in specific, non-random proportions, making the bowel emptying process much slower.
  2. After injecting all the required amount of Botox into the designated places, the doctor takes the endoscope out. The patient can leave the hospital on the same day and return to his daily activities without any problems or worries.

Video of Stomach Botox injection

Gastric Botox surgery is a simple and non-surgical procedure, in which the endoscope is inserted into the stomach through the mouth with the help of a camera and modern devices, stomach muscles are injected with Botox, which causes slowing down the movement of muscles.

We made a video below to explain in a simple way how Laparoscopic Gastric Botox is performed:

Stomach Botox injection how long does it take

The Gastric Botox procedure takes about 20 minutes approximately.

Stomach botox injection after care

In general, stomach Botox injection is an ideal solution for patients who aim to lose 10 to 15 kilograms of weight.

The effectiveness of the injected Botox can last up to 6 months, and it may be necessary to get a second injection after this period.

Stomach botox injection recovery

Botox injection procedure does not need the patient to be under general anesthesia when performing the injection, and the patient does not need to stay overnight in the hospital, and they can resume their normal life and return to work immediately after the procedure.

Stomach Botox injection diet

The diet after prepared Botox has the same general rules as any healthy diet.

On this diet, we recommend eating foods rich in protein, foods rich in fiber, and foods low in carbohydrates.

In general, patients are advised to quit all types of refined sugar such as simple sugars, sweets, and chocolate.

For many patients, this seems very difficult to do, but after the effect of Botox, which is "prolonged reduced appetite and satiety" this becomes an achievable goal.

Stomach Botox injection and pregnancy

No adequate studies about this subject, but it is advised to differ gastric Botox procedure after delivery.

Stomach Botox injection and alcohol

We advise our patients to avoid alcohol before and after the procedure, due to its impact on the procedure and the health.

Stomach Botox injection dumping syndrome

Dumping syndrome is caused by the sudden arrival of a large amount of food in the stomach, it occurs with other bariatric surgeries but not with gastric Botox.

Stomach Botox injection cost in Turkey

The cost of gastric Botox surgery in Turkey ranges around $ 1,200, and it may differ according to the health condition and the program accompanying the operation.

Stomach botox injection success rate

In clinical studies, patients who have had Botox injections were followed-up, a weight loss of about 10 kilograms were observed during a 6-month period after the injection, and six months normally is the period of time in which Botox works the most, as Botox remains active in your stomach for 4 to 6 months before being metabolized and excreted.

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