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Medical Blog

Ilajak Medical blog contains a wide array of interesting medical and health-related articles and headlines collected and prepared by our editorial team at Ilajak Medical, with the aim of spreading medical awareness among our readers and followers.

Latest Medical Articles

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Possible side effects of dental implants
Dental implants is one of the most important procedures needed to treat damaged teeth. This article explains the top 10 side effects of dental implants, and how Ilajak guarantees the best service and permanent follow-up after treatment.
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Stem cell treatment Turkey: pros, cons, and cost
Healthcare systems in Turkey have advanced greatly in recent years, and this is evident in several areas such as the field of stem cell therapy. This article discusses the pros, cons, and costs of stem cell treatment in Turkey.
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Difference Between Veneers and Crowns
Both veneers and crowns are used to treat dental problems. this article discusses the similarities and differences between them in terms of (procedure, pros, cons, and costs).
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Ultimate guide about PRP injection for the Knee
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection are used to treat many diseases such as knee pain, but is it effective, and what is its success rate? Read in this article about treatment by PRP injection in Turkey and its costs.
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Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers
There are many differences between Veneers and Luminaires. This article discusses these differences in terms of (procedure, pros, cons, costs, and results). Read and know which option is better for you.
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Stem cell treatment for knees in Turkey
Can stem cells be used to treat knee problems? What is the effectiveness and success rate? This article discusses stem cell treatment for knees in Turkey and its cost.
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Hollywood Smile in Turkey: pros, cons, and cost
Your guide to a Hollywood smile in Istanbul (costs, procedures, and best clinics). Also, find out about the best offers of ILAJAK for a Hollywood smile in Istanbul.
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Reviews of weight loss surgery in turkey
There are several types of weight loss surgery in Turkey, get to know them in terms of cost and expected results. In this article, see reviews of weight loss surgery in Turkey for some of our clients.
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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Turkey
Gastric sleeve surgery in costs in Turkey is low compared to other countries. In this article, we put in your hands a comparative study between the price of gastric sleeve in turkey and some other countries.
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Stem cell treatment for hair loss
Stem cell hair transplant is a modern technique with many advantages, get to know them and the success rate of this technique and its side effects.