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Hair Transplant Publications

Hair Transplant without shaving in Turkey for women and men

With the advancement of medical science in Turkey, it has become possible to Transplant hair in Istanbul without shaving, in this report we will learn the pros and cons of hair transplant without shaving.


Jun 29 2020

Hair Transplant Publications

What is alopecia areata, what are the treatment methods, is it contagious?

Learn about alopecia areata, its symptoms, causes, and the best modern treatment methods. Updated information from professional specialists at Ilajak Medical company.


Jun 29 2020

Dental Publications

What is Gum Grafting? How is it done? Everything you need to know about it

This article is your comprehensive guide of gum grafting, how it is done, and the treatment of gums, we will answer all your inquiries, explain the gum treatment methods and how to care for it.


Jun 26 2020

Dental Publications

Dental treatment in the time of Corona ... Advice and guidelines

In this video, we learn about preventive measures for dental health and treatment in the time of Corona, with continued quarantine in many countries of the world, we also answer many important inquiries.


Jun 08 2020

Medical News

Medical Tourism in Turkey begins the return to the former level

The Medical Tourism wheel in Turkey is spinning again after the Turkish Ministry of Health issued a circular to lift restrictions on receiving patients from 31 countries around the world


Jun 01 2020

Hair Transplant Publications

Details of Hair Transplant costs in Istanbul Turkey 2020

Hair Transplant costs in Istanbul differ from one hospital to another, we will share how to calculate the costs of Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey


May 28 2020

Treatment in Turkey

Turkey's success in fighting Corona paves the way for Medical Tourism recovery

In an interview with the head of the health administration department of Istanbul Medipol University, she explained the factors of the recovery of medical tourism in Turkey after Corona.


May 28 2020

Medical News

Erdogan has done the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Basaksehir Medical City

The medical city of Basaksehir has been opened by the President of the Turkish Republic. Know with us the details of the opening of this historic edifice of medical tourism in Turkey.


May 22 2020

Medical News

A decline in the number of Corona infections in Turkey, Polo state is free of the disease

The Turkish state of Polo announced the recovery of all Corona patients and thus free of infections.


May 06 2020

Medical News

Question and answer about Coronavirus with a Chest Specialist

In this article, we discuss the most common questions and answers about Coronavirus, what are the best ways of prevention and boosting immunity, who are most vulnerable to Coronavirus, what is the effect of the virus on children and smokers, and a lot of information in the following report ...


May 04 2020

Medical News

Starting the supply of locally manufactured ventilators to Turkey's hospitals

Turkey started supplying Turkish hospitals with locally manufactured ventilators, newly produced according to international standards.


Apr 28 2020

Medical News

Coronavirus Battle | A Comparison between Turkey and European countries

In this article, we will learn about the most important reasons that made Turkey ahead of European countries, and how it succeeded in limiting the spread of Coronavirus


Apr 23 2020