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Hair Transplant Publications

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure used in recent years with painless and advanced techniques, it is done through the use of other donor areas of the body.

Hair Transplant Publications Istanbul: The New Capital of Hair Transplants
Jan 07 2020

Istanbul: The New Capital of Hair Transplants

Medical Advances in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey has been remarkable in the last decade. Advances that have made this new technology become more popular by the day and known to all, especially with the increasing desire of many people to treat the problem of baldness, it has become possible for everybody to benefit from this modern medical technology.
 زراعة الشعر في تركيا

Istanbul: The New Capital of Hair Transplants

With its unbeatable prices and its amazing tourist attractions, in addition to the distinguished services it offers, Istanbul has become today the new capital of hair transplants.

Istanbul was able to combine quality services and affordable costs, as the prices for hair transplants in Turkey are considered very cheap and reasonable when compared to what you find in many countries in the world such as in Europe and the United States, apart from this, Turkey is one of the best places in the world for tourism, so that the trip for hair transplantation has more than just a visit to the clinic, as the client can also benefit from what Turkey has to offer for tourists.

Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

The cost barrier is the only problem that many people might encounter when considering getting a hair transplant. Even though the prices and the costs of hair transplantation has notably dropped in most countries, which made hair transplants something not uncommon for the French people to have, but still the cost of hair transplantation is ranging between 1.50 euros for one hair (for major transplants) and about 4 euros per one hair (for partial transplants). So in total the expenses of having this procedure may exceed approximately 10,000 Euro in a country like France, while in Turkey, these costs are much lower reaching only about 50 cents per one hair.

One might say that even if the costs of hair transplantation in Turkey are much lower compared to France, those who wish to get a hair transplant will still have to pay the costs of travel and residence in Turkey, and here lies the strength of the offers that some hair transplant centers provide to their clients, which are inclusive packages that covers everything related to the trip and the procedure.

تكاليف زراعة الشعر

Recently and with the active competition between hair transplant centers in Turkey, many Turkish medical centers starts making distinctive offers for their clients, including hair transplant procedure and medical follow-up, as well as staying in a 4-star hotel for two nights, not to mention other luxury services that a client would look forward to, according to which the clients are treated as if they are tourists coming to Turkey to spend their vacation and not as patients coming to receive treatment, and among those services is a private car for transportation from the airport to the hotel and the clinic, in addition to medical interpretation services to facilitates the communication between the client and medical professionals at the clinic.

How is a Hair Transplant Done?

Hair transplantation procedure can be summarized in the following steps: harvesting the follicles one after the other from the donor area in the scalp, an area in which hair density is high, and then implanting these follicles into the area suffering from baldness.

It is true that hair transplantation needs significant time and effort, but its results are excellent, at the same time it does not leave scars or traces on the area from which hair follicles are extracted, as it returns as it was before the operation after a short period of time.

عملية زراعة الشعر

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Source: France Soir

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