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Hair transplant in Turkey are the cheapest and best 2023

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Medical Advances in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey has been remarkable in the last decade. Advances that have made this new technology become more popular by the day and known to all, especially with the increasing desire of many people to treat the problem of baldness, it has become possible for everybody to benefit from this modern medical technology.

 Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

Hair Transplants Istanbul Cost

With its unbeatable prices and its amazing tourist attractions, in addition to the distinguished services it offers, Istanbul has become today the new capital of hair transplants.

Istanbul was able to combine quality services and affordable costs, as the prices for hair transplants in Turkey are considered very cheap and reasonable when compared to what you find in many countries in the world such as in Europe and the United States, apart from this, Turkey is one of the best places in the world for tourism, so that the trip for hair transplantation has more than just a visit to the clinic, as the client can also benefit from what Turkey has to offer for tourists.

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Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

The cost barrier is the only problem that many people might encounter when considering getting a hair transplant. Even though the prices and the costs of hair transplantation has notably dropped in most countries, which made hair transplants something not uncommon for the French people to have, but still the cost of hair transplantation is ranging between 1.50 euros for one hair (for major transplants) and about 4 euros per one hair (for partial transplants). So in total the expenses of having this procedure may exceed approximately 10,000 Euro in a country like France, while in Turkey, these costs are much lower reaching only about 50 cents per one hair.

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One might say that even if the costs of hair transplantation in Turkey are much lower compared to France, those who wish to get a hair transplant will still have to pay the costs of travel and residence in Turkey, and here lies the strength of the offers that some hair transplant centers provide to their clients, which are inclusive packages that covers everything related to the trip and the procedure.

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Recently and with the active competition between hair transplant centers in Turkey, many Turkish medical centers starts making distinctive offers for their clients, including hair transplant procedure and medical follow-up, as well as staying in a 4-star hotel for two nights, not to mention other luxury services that a client would look forward to, according to which the clients are treated as if they are tourists coming to Turkey to spend their vacation and not as patients coming to receive treatment, and among those services is a private car for transportation from the airport to the hotel and the clinic, in addition to medical interpretation services to facilitates the communication between the client and medical professionals at the clinic.

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Hair transplant procedure in turkey

Hair transplantation procedure can be summarized in the following steps: harvesting the follicles one after the other from the donor area in the scalp, an area in which hair density is high, and then implanting these follicles into the area suffering from baldness.

It is true that hair transplantation needs significant time and effort, but its results are excellent, at the same time it does not leave scars or traces on the area from which hair follicles are extracted, as it returns as it was before the operation after a short period of time.

Hair Transplant Procedure Timeline

The patient's hair is completely shaven, however, it is sometimes possible to do the procedure without shaving, then the scalp is washed with a sterile solution, and the scalp is injected with a local anesthetic.
At this stage, we use the micromotor device to extract the follicles from the donor area, without damaging the structure of the hair, Which increases the number of extracted healthy follicles that can be implanted successfully.
After extracting the follicles, they are kept in a special solution, which is the same solution used to preserve organs during transplant procedures, to keep grafts healthy.
In DHI technique using Choi pens, fine slits are opened and the grafts implanted in the same step, while in the SAPPHIRE FUE technique, a sharp-headed tool made from sapphire stone is used to open the fine slits, and this tool has the advantage of opening the fine slits so smoothly causing no damage or scars, then the grafts are implanted into those fine slits.
In this step, the extracted follicles are Implanted into the opened slits, and given that the last couple steps are the most important ones, they require high skills, as the surgeon takes into consideration, the density, esthetic results, and natural hair growth.


Common questions for hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair Transplant is considered one of the expensive operations in Europe، America and the world، it is affordable، in Istanbul، Turkey، where the hair transplant ranges between 1،200 to1500 $
It is an operation in which a surgeon transfers hair follicles from a dense hair region، such as the sides and back of the scalp (the donor area)، to another area that suffers from hair loss (the beneficial area).
Because it combines high quality and reasonable prices، with years of experience، in addition to the possibility of getting out of the work pressure and hiking in the most beautiful places in the world in Istanbul.
Hair Transplant is considered a permanent procedure if it is done right and if the donor's hair is selected from the hair loss resistant zone.
Hair Transplant is considered pain-free due to local anesthesia، which lasts for approximately 12 hours، and the patient is also provided with appropriate analgesics for the post-operative period.
Hair transplants are typically more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration procedures. But there are some factors to consider: Anywhere from 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair will fully grow back in an estimated three to four months. Like regular hair.
Yes، definitely hair transplant is worth its procedure. It permanently restores the hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas.
Yes of course، If you are losing hair or getting bald then hair transplant is the best option to restore your natural hair look.
The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure is a technique where the required amount of follicular unit grafts are extracted from the patient's bald resistant donor areas and are then transplanted in the balding or thinning areas of the patient's scalp.
Yes، within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery، the transplanted hair will fall out، but you should start to notice new growth within a few months. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months.
Yes absolutely، by transferring hair from any hair resistant zone in your body mainly back of your head to bald or thinning follicles zone.
Hair transplant surgery is normally safe when performed by a qualified، experienced certified surgeon. Still، individuals vary greatly in their physical reactions and healing abilities، and the outcome is never completely predictable. As in any surgical procedure، an infection may occur.
Celebrities prefer good reputation centers and experienced doctors، we in Ilajak Medical combine good reputation، highly experienced doctors، and reasonable prices.
Yes، the reason behind that it is transplanted from the hair loss resistant area.
It's normal for the transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure. This makes way for new natural hair growth.
The cost of hair transplants is dependent on many different factors. It is highly variable and typically ranges anywhere from $4،000 to $15،000 which is considered very expensive
Scars occur in the donor area of your scalp- the area where hair follicles have been taken out.
Good Hair Transplant can simulate natural hair look and direction.
Hair Transplant is a safe، and permanent hair restoration procedure without pain and minimal side effects.
The best Hair Transplant depends on individual needs and circumstances along with the physician recommendation.
Hair transplant works on transferring real hair follicles form personal donor sites.
Turkey is known for the best Hair Transplant surgeries and surgeons in the world، we in Ilajak Medical work with the best Hair Transplant Specialists.
Some of Hollywood famous actors like 1- John Travolta 2- Mel Gibson 3- Nicolas Cage.
If you have a receding hairline، getting a hair transplant is the best solution. When performed by an experienced، skilled surgeon، a hair transplant can restore your hairline and give back the volume and thickness that you had in the past.
The most common cause of Hair Transplant fail is Post-Operative infection.
The answer is NO، unlike organ transplants، you are your own donor for a hair transplant. If you receive hair، follicles، and tissue from someone else، your body would reject them without immune-suppressant drugs. You donate your hair from what are called your donor sites.
Hair Transplant is the most common procedure done for lowering hairlines. In general، the hair transplant procedure is better for women who are seeking more rounding out than actual lowering although it can and does lower the hairline.
The answer is “Yes، gray hair can be transplanted as safely and successfully as a hair of any color.” A misconception about gray hair is that when hair turns gray it is no longer healthy hair. ... Transplantation of gray hair is successful because gray hair is healthy hair produced by a healthy hair follicle
Hair Transplant is a safe procedure، since the beginning till now no clear or close relationship between cancer and Hair Transplant.
Most hair restoration surgeries are not covered by health insurance. However، there are some circumstances، such as when hair loss is related to a disease، in which insurance may help pay for the procedure therefore you may also want to contact your health insurance، plan provider.
Most hair restoration surgeries are not covered by health insurance. However، there are some circumstances، such as when hair loss is related to a disease، in which insurance may help pay for the procedure therefore you may also want to contact your health insurance، plan provider.
although hair transplants can be carried out for anyone above the age of 18، it is advisable not to have a transplant until the age of 25+. Younger men may not be the best candidates since their hair loss pattern may not yet fully be determined.
The results of hair transplantation appear between the sixth and ninth month after the procedure.

Source: France Soir

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