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Chemotherapy and immunotherapy

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What is Chemotherapy?

It is a treatment used to kill and destroy cancerous cells that are characterized by rapid division, compared to most cells of the body.
Chemotherapy and immunotherapy

How does chemotherapy work?

Chemotherapy targets the fastest-dividing cells in the body, targeting cancerous cells, which are distinct from most of the body's cells by their rapid division.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy may affect some of the normal cells of the body that divide rapidly, such as hair follicles, intestinal epithelium, and bone marrow cells that produce blood cells.

Is chemotherapy useful to cure cancer?

This depends on the type of targeted tumor and the progression of the condition, in some conditions it eliminates the tumor, but in some tumors, it only controls the divisions of cancerous cells and prevents the progression of the condition.

The type of chemotherapy used varies depending on the nature of the cancerous tumor.

What is immunotherapy?

Also known as biological therapy, it is a type of medicine used in the treatment of cancer, and it works by boosting the immune system and enabling it to identify malignant cells.

Immunotherapy is a modern treatment that is specialized in eliminating or controlling cancer, as each treatment is developed to target specific tumor cells.

How does immunotherapy work?

Cancer immunotherapy which is also known as the biological treatment works by empowering the immune system on the cancerous cells and enabling it to identify the cancerous cells.

Immunotherapy is highly specialized in targeting cells, so we expect fewer side effects than those of chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy works on:

  • Stopping or slowing the growth and division of malignant cells.
  • Preventing malignant cells from spreading to other parts of the body.
  • Helping immune system cells recognize and destroy malignant cells.

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