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Dental Publications

This article explains the latest dental treatment techniques, and the most successful preventive measures for enjoying strong healthy teeth, in addition to dental implants, dental bridges, orthodontics, and other miscellaneous information

Dental Publications Advanced technologies of dental treatment in Turkey
Dec 16 2019

Advanced technologies of dental treatment in Turkey

Broken or misaligned teeth may sometimes cause embarrassment, and shyness to smile, but we must be well aware that dental treatment in Turkey has evolved significantly in recent years, and therefore there are medical solutions that restore teeth and repair any deformity and deflection in the arrangement of teeth, using modern and multiple medical devices and materials.


Dental treatment methods in Turkey

Broken or damaged teeth? Two ways to fix it

A broken tooth or worn tooth (surface is not uniform) or if the shape disturbs us (for example, the teeth are too short), there are two possible methods for dental treatment in Turkey:

Dental Bonding:

A composite resin that simulates the color and appearance of the teeth, applied to the teeth using adhesives, after this treatment is done, you should avoid eating items that may change the color of this layer, such as tobacco, coffee, and tea. However, this treatment lasts at least 10 years and can be removed or modified.


These are small ceramic shells intended to cover the visible surface of the teeth, and have a greater luminosity than dental bondings, and are more resistant. But this type of treatment requires performing dental preparation, by removing a thin layer of the teeth, and therefore some doctors consider them harmful to the dental tissues.

How many sessions required for this dental treatment in Turkey?

Dental bonding is carried out in one dental treatment session in Turkey, but dental veneers require 3 to 4 sessions. Through these treatments, it is also possible to correct the spaced teeth or teeth with no gaps, but these treatments cant be done if teeth are overlapped.

Scaling and whitening stained or yellow teeth

If the stains are the result of coffee, tea or smoking, then scaling followed by polishing is the best option for dental treatment, which is sufficient and satisfactory, and in case of white or brown spots caused by excess fluoride, the dentist will instead go for partial scaling, by rubbing the teeth with brush and special chemicals.

Dental Implants

Overlapped teeth: Orthodontic

Orthodontics is the realignment of teeth to their normal condition, regardless of age. For this, a dental examination and some radiographs must be performed, to assess if treatment is possible, and determine available options and estimated duration and cost.

Orthodontic appliances 

When going for orthodontic treatment, many questions arise, including which type of orthodontics to use metal or porcelain? Where to fix the orthodontic appliance in front of the teeth or behind them? Especially that most adults prefer to fix them on the inner side.

During the orthodontic treatment, foods such as chewing gum, apples, or sandwiches should be avoided, and teeth brushing is necessary.

Dental braces

Missing Teeth: Dental implants

The dental implant is one of the best solutions, where a titanium post is fixed in the jawbones, and then artificial tooth is attached to it, and it is a good solution if a person loses several teeth.

How long does dental implant take?

In Dental implant, the procedure of fixing a post takes an hour, after performing local anesthesia of the jaw at the dental clinic, after fixing the post, the dentist waits for at least 2 to 3 months, to ensure that the implant fits perfectly with the bone before attaching the crown.

But dental implants are not done for people who suffer from diabetes or heart disease, or if the jaw bone is fragile, it is also possible that dental implants may fail in some excessively tobacco consuming smokers.

Teeth Crowding

Several teeth replacement: a comprehensive treatment

Dental Implants for several missing teeth or replacing damaged teeth require integrated treatment. Therefore it should be joint work of all concerned specialists, cosmetic dentists, implantologist, orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons.

Sometimes if the damaged tooth is between two healthy teeth a dental bridge is placed, and a dental implant can also be performed.

Cost? Varies depending on the number of teeth to be replaced and chosen treatment, but the dentist will provide a quote before starting.


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