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Dental Veneers in turkey

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When you make your decision to come to Turkey for dental treatment, the picture of a bright white smile on the faces of the stars comes to mind, everyone dreams of having that smile, and fortunately, this has become very easy in Turkey, using dental treatment with porcelain laminates such as Veneers.

What are veneers dental?

Veneers are very thin, hard-wearing and durable crusts, made of porcelain or other similar materials, attached to the front surface of the tooth to protect it and hide its defects, and to enhance the similarity and harmony between it and the rest of the teeth in appearance and in function as well. Veneers are not susceptible to changing colors with pigmented drinks like natural teeth are and are designed for each patient specifically in special laboratories.


Veneers and Lumineers Benefits 

Dental treatment with veneers can be used if damage has occurred to the enamel layer, which is the outer layer of the tooth, or when teeth get chipped or worn out, or in those cases when there is wide gaps between teeth, or malalignment, in all those cases treatment can be done with veneers to protect the tooth from further damage, and enhance its appearance.

We also use veneers in cases of pigmentation caused by smoking or some drinks, or other aesthetic problems, in this particular case, Lumineers can be used to solve the problem and restore the bright white appearance to the teeth.

Veneers are also used to treat malaligned teeth (uneven teeth) as treatment with porcelain laminates such as Veneers or Lumineer can solve teeth malalignment problems.

Veneer vs Lumineer

The traditional dental veneer is a bit thicker than Dental Lumineer, and this implies that veneers application necessitates some preparation to the outer layer of the tooth, in order for the veneer laminate to be applied to it, in order to obtain the best possible aesthetic result.

During the dental veneer procedure, the treatment period may extend up to two weeks or two treatment sessions most of the time, sometimes more, depending upon the case. Temporary veneers are used between the sessions until the permanent veneers are applied

With dental Lumineer treatment, we do not use temporary laminates. Lumineers are designed in a computerized manner to get high-precision results, and because Lumineers are super thin in thickness, they can be installed on the teeth without the need to carve the tooth or trim off the enamel, in spite of this, Lumineer gives great results and a 100% natural look.

Both Veneers and Lumineers are made of highly durable and robust porcelain, which maintains its appearance and function for many years.

Is dental veneers painful ?

Getting veneers is easy and smooth as it doesn’t cause any pain and doesn’t even need any local anesthetic application.

Dental veneers side effects

Veneers are distinguished by their strength and resistance, as their life extends from 10 to 20 years without needing any maintenance in cases of natural use conditions, which makes them very similar to natural teeth.

There are no serious adverse side effects for the veneers, but whenever you get Veneers or Lumineers part of your teeth may get carved, and thus the enamel layer is lost, this happens more with Veneers, and therefore it is an irreversible procedure, and if veneers are damaged, they must be replaced immediately.

It is worth mentioning here that it is necessary to beware of the habits harmful to the teeth after getting Veneers or Lumineers, such as biting the nails, eating ice, and other things that may harm the dental laminates or lead to their damage.

 Dental Veneers

lumineers procedure steps 

First Step 

Hard impression and digital models may be taken for your teeth from both the upper jaw and the lower jaw, these models are sent to a dental lab specialized in designing porcelain Lumineer according to the sizes of your teeth, and unlike the Veneer procedure, this procedure (Lumineer application procedure) is done without carving your teeth or trimming the enamel layer, so there are no temporary materials used between sessions.

Second step

In the second visit, the dentist applies the Lumineer laminates, in some cases, they may have to carve a very small part of the tooth in a small group of patient, then the dentist evaluate your smile and make sure that you don’t have a teeth occlusion problem while verifying that there are no other problems.

what is the procedure of veneers?

First Step 

The tooth is prepared by carving a small layer of the front surface, and a little from the sides, to leave enough room to apply the veneers, to enhance the aesthetic and natural appearance of teeth in terms of size and alignment, and just like in the Lumineers procedure the dentist makes impressions of your teeth and designs the smile that suits you the most, taking into account the size of facial bones, and these models are sent to a laboratory specialized in design Veneers according to the measurements taken, then the doctor will install temporary Veneers for your teeth until the next session.

Second step

The dentist applies the designed veneers to check if they fit your teeth well from the aesthetical and functional aspect, and in case there are no adjustments need to be made, then Veneers are applied permanently to your teeth.

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Dental veneers before and after

Dental Veneers and Lumineers give you a natural white teeth appearance and a great smile, and after getting Veneers or Lumineers you will realize how much of a change a beautiful smile can bring to your face.

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