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Yellow teeth: what is it and how to get rid of it?

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What is teeth yellowing?

Yellowing of the teeth is a change of the natural teeth color from white to yellow.

Changes in the color of the teeth are very common, and in the normal case they are mild and occur gradually in all people, but what differs is the degree and severity of yellowing and the presence or lack of dental hygiene among individuals.

Yellow teeth cause

Several factors that cause the yellowing of teeth, we can mainly divide them into Extrinsic and Intrinsic:


External factors that lead to teeth discoloration:

Compounds that stain the surface

Several harmful compounds and habits cause yellowing of the teeth, which include:

  • Smoking

Tar and nicotine present in Tobacco smoke can lead to yellow or stained teeth.

  • Foods and drinks

Coffee, Tea, and Sugary drinks like soda, contribute to turning teeth yellow whether by staining them directly or by exposing the more yellowish dentine.

  • Drugs

Some medications, like antibiotics Tetracycline and Doxycycline, are known for discoloring teeth.

Plaque buildup

Plaque and Tartar are yellow; their presence makes the teeth look yellowish.


Here we shed some light on teeth discoloration internal factors:


Genetics affect the color of your eyes hair and teeth, besides that there are genetic disorders that affect the color of your teeth like Amelogenesis imperfect and dentinogenesis imperfect.

Trauma or injury to a tooth

During sports, kids can get hit in the mouth.

If they are younger than 8, the damage can disturb enamel formation.

Trauma can also discolor adult teeth when a sports injury or other impact causes blood flow to decrease to the tooth or the nerve to die.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay or caries itself is a brown, black, or gray spot in your tooth. Which makes teeth look yellow in the initial stage.

Too much fluoride

Excessive fluoride use causes a condition called fluorosis, which is characterized by pearly white, yellow, or brownish-yellow spots on the teeth.

Too much fluoride


Below we highlight why teeth start looking yellow as we age.

Dentin comes through worn enamel

The enamel layer of the teeth is worn with age, making dentine more visible which makes teeth look yellowish due to the yellow color of the dentine.

How to get rid of yellow teeth?

There are many ways and means to get rid of yellowing of the teeth, some of which are specialized medical, and some that are applicable at home and are of less benefit than specialized medical care, and among the methods of treating yellowing of the teeth:

Brush with fluoride toothpaste

Maintaining oral hygiene and regular brushing of the teeth and the use of rinses and mouthwashes are very useful in treating, relieving, and stopping the progression of yellowing of the teeth, as it prevents the accumulation of more deposits and plaque on the teeth and reduces the presence of factors that cause yellowing.

Floss after eating

Flossing removes plaque and tartar buildup between your teeth.

Plaque bacteria, if not removed, can build up a yellowish cover on your teeth, may further cause teeth decay and gingivitis.

Stop smoking

Due to the significant negative impact of smoking on the teeth and its great role in yellowing, quitting smoking is very useful in treating yellowing of the teeth and necessary to reach a satisfactory treatment result, with the cessation of nicotine and tar reaching the teeth, the first cause of yellowing will be gone and thus stops the progression of yellowing teeth and improves with care.

Teeth whitening

In severe cases of yellowing and discoloration of the teeth, the curative treatment is teeth whitening by the doctor using well-known specialized methods such as lasers and chemical preparations, which is an effective treatment with very satisfactory results, and at the same time, it is easy to perform and affordable.

Yellow teeth before and after

Yellow teeth before and after

How can ILAJAK Medical help you to fix yellow teeth?

ILAJAK Medical offers many solutions to get rid of yellowing of the teeth, we offer in our centers' various effective treatment options for obtaining white and brilliant teeth.

You can benefit from our services of teeth whitening, and in cases, whitening does not work, we provide distinguished alternative services like veneers, provided by experienced specialists with the latest and most effective medical devices and the finest materials.


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