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Vascular Surgery

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Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty that needs years of high-level training to master. Vascular surgery purpose is to treat vascular conditions and diseases such as the diseases of arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. Arteries and veins are a little pipes that function to carry blood and oxygen to and from the heart, lymphatics on the other hand regulate body water and help the body to fight infections.

Sometimes problems or malfunction can happen in this vascular system, most of the time it is problems related to atherosclerosis and narrowing of blood vessels. In those condition and usually after the failure of conservative treatment, the role of the vascular surgeon comes to treat those problems.

 Vascular surgery

What conditions do we treat in Ilajak Medical?

Aortic Aneurysm

Aortic aneurysm is a condition in which the patient suffers from dilation of the aorta, which is the main artery coming out of the heart, and this dilation is often at the abdominal part, where there is an increase in the diameter of the aorta by more than 50% of its normal diameter.

Carotid Artery Diseases

In carotid artery disease, the patient gets a blockage or narrowing of the carotid arteries which are the main arteries which deliver blood to the brain, and this narrowing happens as a result of arteriosclerosis, and results in reduction of the blood that reaches the brain, and in some cases may cause symptoms that are similar to strokes.

Peripheral Arterial Diseases:

Peripheral arterial disease is narrowing in one of the arteries that feed one of the limbs, secondary to atherosclerosis, and peripheral arterial disease usually happens in patients with diabetes, hypertension and chronic smokers.

Raynaud's Phenomenon

It is a problem in which a spasm happens in the small arteries that goes to the fingers or toes decreasing blood flow to those parts, and related to that the color of the fingers changes to white with usually associated with severe pain, and this condition may results in fingertip ulcers, especially in Raynaud's phenomenon associated with some rheumatic diseases.

Renal vascular diseases:

It is a general term for all diseases that affect the arteries and veins of the kidneys, including stenosis, dilation and atherosclerosis.


In addition to the above, in Ilajak Medical we handle the following conditions and procedures:

  •  Peripheral arteries stenting
  • Carotid artery surgery.
  • Surgical bypass for mesenteric occlusive arterial disease
  • Surgical ligation, ablation, and sclerotherapy for varicose veins
  • Superior vena cava filter placement
  • Superior vena cava filter removal
  •  Care for chronic wounds and diabetic foot.
  • Varicocele surgery
  •  Arteriovenous malformation treatment
  • Renal artery stenosis treatment
  • Chronic venous ulcers.
  • Arteriovenous Fistula placement for dialysis patients

Ilajak Medical provides you with the best of vascular surgery services in all subspecialties.

Our hospitals offer comprehensive vascular surgery health care services in Turkey for all types of vascular conditions and diseases and all age groups, using the latest technologies and techniques in diagnosis and surgical interventions, as we use in our medical centers  advanced endovascular intervention (intravascular catheter) for diagnosis and treatment of most conditions, in addition to traditional surgeries, for all diseases of the peripheral arteries, intestinal arteries, carotid arteries and aorta.

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