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What is shock loss after hair transplant ?

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There are many reasons for hair loss, including emotional, health, and genetic. In this article, we will learn about the most common causes of hair loss and its treatment.

Shock hair loss

Shock hair loss is a phenomenon in which your non transplanted hair sheds after a hair transplant.

Shock hair loss after hair transplant

Shock hair loss usually happens between the second and eighth weeks after a hair transplant, when your new hair enters a resting phase the hairs shed.

This is a perfectly normal and natural process and is nothing to worry about. Your new, healthy hairs will soon begin to grow in their place.

Shock hair loss after hair transplant

Shock loss donor area

Shock loss is where there is a loss of natural hair from the donor area or AFTER a hair restoration. Shock hair loss is not specific to any one procedure because we have seen it in the donor area in both FUE and FUT surgeries. But it occurs more commonly in the recipient area.

Shock loss hair regrowth

In nearly all cases of shock hair loss, the loss is temporary and will eventually start to grow back. Most patients report initial regrowth between 3-6 months. ... It may take 12-18 months to mature into the previously normal hair thickness and texture.

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Why does transplanted hair fall out?

There are many reasons for transplanted hair fall out which includes :

  1. Shock hair loss:

A hair transplant is traumatic on the scalp and the surrounding hairs. New hair and the existing hairs can temporarily shed which is known as shock loss.

Hair loss will occur between  2-3 weeks after the hair transplant procedure. But within a short time, new hairs will eventually grow back again.

  1. Graft Rejection:

The recipient area might reject the donor grafts completely. In this case, the body’s immune system can reject the hair grafts and can destroy the transplanted tissue completely.

  1. Post hair transplant care:

You need to listen to your doctor and pay special attention to post-operative care or else it may lead to the destruction of the hair transplant.

Ilajak Medical pays special attention to every detail to ensure a smooth experience and the best results.

  1. Un-experienced surgeon

Since there are many hair transplant clinics, many do not always come with the provision of high quality and experience. Many of them end up extracting hair from non-permanent zone to place in the recipient area, which eventually results in bad outcomes and hair loss.

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How can I prevent hair loss after hair transplant?

Postoperative care and following doctor's instruction plays a major role in preventing or minimizing hair loss, doctors prescribe minoxidil (Rogaine) or the hair growth medication finasteride (Propecia) to improve hair regrowth. These medications also help slow or stop hair loss.

hair loss after hair transplant

Is shock loss a permanent hair transplant?

Shock hair loss can be either permanent or temporary. Your hair will grow normally after a temporary shock loss. Shock loss may occur in the recipient or donor areas.

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FAQs for hair transplantation

Hair transplant works on transferring real hair follicles form personal donor sites.
Turkey is known for the best Hair Transplant surgeries and surgeons in the world، we in Ilajak Medical work with the best Hair Transplant Specialists.
Some of Hollywood famous actors like 1- John Travolta 2- Mel Gibson 3- Nicolas Cage.
If you have a receding hairline، getting a hair transplant is the best solution. When performed by an experienced، skilled surgeon، a hair transplant can restore your hairline and give back the volume and thickness that you had in the past.
The most common cause of Hair Transplant fail is Post-Operative infection.
The answer is NO، unlike organ transplants، you are your own donor for a hair transplant. If you receive hair، follicles، and tissue from someone else، your body would reject them without immune-suppressant drugs. You donate your hair from what are called your donor sites.
Hair Transplant is the most common procedure done for lowering hairlines. In general، the hair transplant procedure is better for women who are seeking more rounding out than actual lowering although it can and does lower the hairline.
The answer is “Yes، gray hair can be transplanted as safely and successfully as a hair of any color.” A misconception about gray hair is that when hair turns gray it is no longer healthy hair. ... Transplantation of gray hair is successful because gray hair is healthy hair produced by a healthy hair follicle
Hair Transplant is a safe procedure، since the beginning till now no clear or close relationship between cancer and Hair Transplant.
Most hair transplants are not covered by health insurance. However، there are some circumstances، such as when hair loss is related to a disease، in which insurance may help pay for the procedure therefore you may also want to contact your health insurance، plan provider.
although hair transplants can be carried out for anyone above the age of 18، it is advisable not to have a transplant until the age of 25+. Younger men may not be the best candidates since their hair loss pattern may not yet fully be determined.

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