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Exploring Dental Implant Brands: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the world of modern dentistry dental implants have completely transformed our approach to replacing lost teeth by providing patients with a lasting and aesthetically pleasing option.
When it comes to dental implants, dental clinics worldwide hold a few brands in hand that they think are most suitable for most of their clients, and they tend to use one of those brands. A patient is expected to choose a brand from the alternatives that the dentist or clinic has recommended.

For a typical patient, selecting a brand from a global list would be challenging. Globally, 150+ companies are trying to make their way into the dental implant market, and it is almost impossible for a normal person to be knowledgeable about all of them.

This detailed guide will take you through the top 12 dental implant brands on the market, explaining each in detail.

How many different types of dental implants are there?

As of 2023, dental professionals worldwide had the option to choose from over 150 different dental implant brands, catering to an extensive array of patient needs. 

This variety is provided by several dental implant businesses, both big and small, demonstrating the industry's flexibility.

These brands offer an array of solutions ranging from tier luxury implants to more budget friendly and economical options, for dental implants. It’s not just the implant itself but also the associated components like crowns for implants that these brands offer. These brands seek to satisfy varied clinical and financial needs, regardless of whether the treatment plan calls for a full-mouth restoration or a single tooth replacement with an implanted crown.

It is essential for dental professionals and patients to carefully assess their choices and choose the implant system that meets the specific dental health requirements and patient needs.

dental implants

Factors Behind the Variety of Brands


In brief, biocompatible materials are those that are secure in your body and have good bonding properties with your jawbone. Dental implants are made entirely of materials that are certain to be long-term safe for the body. However researchers continue their efforts to enhance the quality of implants.


People who have lost their natural teeth due to aging or other medical conditions might replace them with dental implants, which are durable options. So, time is an important thing here. Thus, the longer your implant works properly without any problems the better. Based on research, there are claims that zirconia dental crowns are 200% more durable than ceramic implants when it comes to grinding and chipping.

Price range

Dental implant solutions come in different price ranges. The varying price range is because of the technology and material used to make the implants. For example, crowns made out of zirconium are more expensive than porcelain crowns. There could be a $200 to $1300 price difference between zirconia crowns and porcelain crowns depending on the brand and make.


You may find a variety of dental implant brands with just one search. It is clear that there is a need for businesses to produce this many implants, but there is also competition in the market. Companies with innovative solutions will have a bigger share of this market and therefore continue to expand their business with more dental clinics.


Dental implants are no different from other products in that there must be some degree of trial and error. Dental implant manufacturers keep track of customer comments and data to enhance their goods. That is why we see different designs to better fit the patient’s needs.

Easy to use

An important aspect of better design is also making implants easier to use for dentists. How is that beneficial? Well, your treatment phases will go more quickly if the implant is simpler to operate. As an example, we can mention the Bicon implant that has a 360-degree universal abutment that makes it easier to apply by your dental surgeon.

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 What are the top 12 Dental Implant Brands?

1. Straumann Implant

Country of Origin: Switzerland Company

History: Straumann, a pioneer in dental implantology, was founded in 1954, it has a legacy of over 60 years in dental implant innovation.

Important Information: Straumann’s innovation is not just limited to dental products such as dental implants and clear aligners but also biomaterial, instruments, and CADCAM prosthetics. It is no surprise that Straumann is at the top of the implantology sector because to its scientific evidence-based research. 

They moreover provide surgical and restorative products to dental specialists and facilities. Many dental clinics and experts use Straumann since it is a comprehensive source of dentistry. Although Straumann is one of the greatest dental implant manufacturers in the world, its implant systems and other items are quite pricey.

3. Nobel Biocare (Danaher)

Manufacturing Country: Switzerland

Company History: Nobel Biocare has been a pioneer since 1952, founded in 2002, Nobel Biocare has established itself as a leader in the dental implant market

Important Information: Nobel Biocare implants are constructed of titanium and come in a range of forms and sizes. They are dedicated to providing better life quality to the patients. To that aim, they state their intention of enabling dental practitioners all around the world.

Nobel Biocare provides over 80 countries with its products. Additionally, they offer training and education for dental professionals.
Even with higher price points, Nobel Biocare had the largest market share for implants in the US in 2018.

Dental Implant Brands

3. Dentsply Sirona

Manufacturing Country:  United States

History: was originally founded in 1993 in North Carolina, USA but the company which we know today is a result of a merger that happened in 2016.

Important Information: Today, the company is noticeable with innovative investments, and they offer the best products possible to dental professionals and patients worldwide. The company provides Astra Tech Implant System, which is highly durable, functional, and esthetic.

Dentsply Sirona now has manufacturing in 21 countries and sells its goods in 120 countries.

4. Hiossen (Osstem Implant)

Manufacturing Country: USA

Company History: Hiossen has rapidly gained recognition since its inception in 2006.

Important Information: It is an American-based company. It also considered one of the most important dental implant brands in the U.S. and the world.

The company is really committed to enhancing client satisfaction. Regarding the feedback given and analyzing the recent needs in the sector, Hiossen is trying hard to increase the quality of the implants. Hiossen's located in an extremely modern facility and is investing a great deal of its revenues into research and development. Today, the company is exporting implant systems to over 70 countries in the world.

5. Zimmer Biomet

Manufacturing Country: USA

Company History: Zimmer Biomet boasts a legacy dating back to the 1920s.

Important Information: They amalgamated with Biomet 3i to become Zimmer Biomet Dental. In addition to providing dental implants and regenerative materials including membranes, collagen wound care, and bone graft alternatives, this company has been making dental devices and tools for more than 20 years.

 Orthopedic product development, production, and marketing are all handled by Zimmer Biomet. These include artificial joints and dental prosthesis. Zimmer Biomet operates in more than 25 countries worldwide and its products are sold in more than 100 countries.

6. MeDENT Implant

Manufacturing Country: Germany

History: MeDENT Implant combines German engineering excellence with innovative design

Company History: MeDENT Implant is a relatively newer player, focusing on precision engineering and innovative implant designs.

7. BEGO Implant

Manufacturing Country: Germany

Company History: BEGO Implant, established in 1990, spanning over 130 years

Important Information: combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create high-quality implant solutions.
It provides a selection of 6 tapered and straight bone level and tissue level implants. It is distributed in over 83 countries.

8. Alpha Dent Implants

Manufacturing Country: founded in Germany in 2008

Company History:  Alpha Dent is a rising star in the dental implant industry, known for its modern technologies.

Important Information: The brand emphasizes personalized solutions and continuous innovation, It offers a range of 13 bone level and tissue level implants with tapered, straight and tapered apex shapes. It is distributed in over 30 countries.

9. NucleOSS

Manufacturing Country: founded in Turkey in 2001

Company History: NucleOSS stands out for its focus on natural bone regeneration, offering implants designed to enhance osseointegration, It offers a range of 9 bone level and tissue level implants with tapered, straight and tapered apex shapes. It is distributed in over 17 countries.

10. Biohorizons

Manufacturing Country: an American company, was established in 1994 and offers a range of implant options.

Company History: Service, science, and innovation are the company's main priorities. They provide a wide range of dental goods and implant systems.

Dental practitioners and patients have the choice of Legacy, Conelog Progressive, or Tapered series implants. Offering patients the most recent technologies is a priority for Biohorizons. Good relationships with clinics are thus prioritized by the firm since they serve as a conduit between the producing company and the patients.

11. Euroteknika

Manufacturing Country: French dentistry company.

History: Euroteknika's expertise lies in dental implantology and bone regeneration, with a dedication to research and development, established in 1992.

Important Information: The primary operations of the company are laboratory, surgical, and implant prostheses in addition to dental practices. Like many other dental implant businesses, the company is continually developing new technologies and attempting to provide the best technology to the dentistry community.

12. Megagen

Manufacturing Country: South Korea Company

History: Megagen is a global leader in dental implant manufacturing and innovative solutions, established by a group of dental surgeons in 2002.

Important Information: The organization makes a special effort to solve the more difficult challenges, which fosters creativity and excellence. For a variety of uses, they provide a number of variations, including Anyridge, Rescue, Anyone, Mini, and EZPlus. AnyRidge is most likely the Megagen Company's best-known product.

Because of its superior mechanical stability, variety of possible sizes, and prolonged lifespan, the highly customizable AnyRidge implant system is in high demand. With more than 90 distributors spread over 100 nations, MegaGen is a worldwide leader in the cutthroat dental implants industry.

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Dental Implant Brands to Avoid: Making Informed Decisions:

It's important to note that there are no inherently "bad dental implant brands. The success of a dental implant procedure is influenced by a variety of factors, of which the experience and skill of the dentist play an important role. What may work well for one patient might not be suitable for another.

  • Dentist’s Expertise: Due to their expertise and experience with particular systems, dentists can choose them.
  • Oral Health of the Patient: The choice may be influenced by the patient's general health, the position of the lost tooth, and the state of the patient's jawbone.
  • Reputation of the Brand: Products from companies with a solid scientific foundation and a history of success could provide more trustworthy outcomes.
  • Cost: The cheapest choice might not necessarily be the best, even though price is crucial.
  • Components and Support: Consider the implant manufacturer's range of components and post-operative support services.
  • Patient Preference: The selecting procedure also considers the lifestyle and preferences of each individual. For individualized guidance on selecting an implant system, speak with a certified dental expert.

Therefore, the key takeaway is that the choice of implant is a collaborative decision between the dentist and the patient.

Types of dental implants and cost in Turkey:

The cost of the dental implant procedure depends highly on the number of implants needed, the brands of these implants, the duration of the procedure, and the experience of the dentist.

And indeed, the cost would change from one clinic to another due to various factors such as the geographical location and the additional services the clinic provides.

Despite being more expensive than other dental operations, dental implant therapy is very reasonable in Turkey compared to facilities in the United States and Europe.

The cost of a single dental implant in Turkey is between 500- 1000$. While this number is tripling in the European clinics. All-on-4, which includes 8 implants, ranges between  3500$ – 6500$. In Turkey, a complete mouth implant may cost between $6,000 and $10,000.


The manufacturers listed above are amongst the best known and most reliable available today. There are numerous other companies that make components, but very few have conducted significant scientific research into the reliability or longevity of their components.

It may be worthwhile to enquire about the manufacturer they like to employ and the extent of the research done by the company when choosing your dental implant dentist.

Another thing to remember is that it’s much easier to replace a component when it’s from one of the world’s leading implant manufacturers. No matter where in the world you are, you’re much more likely to find a dentist who knows this implant and has the tools and experience to replace it.

ctions to ensure dental implants last as long as possible.

Exploring Dental Implant Brands faqs

Factors such as dentist experience, patients' suitability and specific medical scenarios can often determine the effectiveness of a particular brand of teeth implants. If you want to determine which option is right for your needs, talk to your dentist.

The training and comfort level of the dentist may determine his or her preferences. It is vital to choose a dentist that has experience and expertise in the brands they recommend.

Talk to your dentist, and they will take a look at your mouth, find out what you're comfortable with, and suggest the kind of product that works best for you.

The country of origin can tell you a lot about a brand’s reputation, but the brand’s history, research and performance are more important.

Absolutely, but the choice should be made in consultation with your dentist. Factors like bone density, oral health, and budget will influence the best brand for your specific needs.

German dental implant brands, like BEGO and Alpha Dent Implants, have a strong reputation for quality and precision. However, the suitability of a brand depends on individual patient factors

Osseointegration is crucial for dental implant success. It ensures the implant fuses with the jawbone, providing stability and durability for long-lasting results.

Look for a dentist with a proven track record in implantology. Ask for referrals, read patient reviews, and inquire about their training and experience.

The country of origin can tell you a lot about a brand’s reputation, but the brand’s history, research and performance are more important. Regular dental check-ups and proper care can minimize this risk.

Yes, alternatives include bridges and dentures.  In many patients however, dental implants are the preferred option because of their superior function and appearance.

While well-known brands usually have a history of success, newer brands may also provide innovative solutions. Your dentist can help.

Inquiring about different brands and talking about alternatives together with your dental practitioner can assist you make an educated choice.

Dental implant insertion has some dangers, just like any surgical surgery does. However, with proper care and an experienced dentist, these risks can be minimized.

it is important to practice good oral hygiene, go to your dentist for regular check-ups and follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions to ensure dental implants last as long as possible.

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