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Teeth whitening trays

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Teeth whitening trays are one of the easiest ways to whiten your teeth. Find out their types, how they work, pros and cons, and other teeth whitening alternatives at ILAJAK Medical.

What are teeth whitening trays?

Teeth whitening trays are plastic trays placed on the teeth for teeth whitening.

These trays are worn on the teeth for specific periods of the day after placing the bleaching material to do teeth whitening at the end of the specified period.

Teeth whitening trays are tools that help to obtain white teeth easily and at reasonable costs.

teeth whitening trays

Different options

  • Home Teeth whitening trays

Also, know as over-the-counter teeth whitening kits come in standard sizes and shapes and are not specifically designed for a specific person.

These kits are cheaper and can be obtained faster and without going to the dentist and do not need a prescription either. But the teeth whitening trays from the pharmacy are uncomfortable and can lead to the exposure of the gums to the bleaching substance because it does not fit well with the teeth, which causes irritation and inflammation of the gums.

  • Dentists Supervised teeth whitening trays

In Dentist-supervised at-home bleaching products, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and make a mouthpiece tray that is customized to exactly fit your teeth. This customization allows for maximum contact between the whitening gel, which is applied to the mouthpiece tray, and the teeth.

How do whitening trays work?

The main effective element behind whitening trays is hydrogen peroxide it slowly releases oxygen molecules that seep into the outer layer of your tooth, called enamel, and break down stains over a few hours, whitening your teeth gently over a succession of days.

Teeth whitening trays pros and cons

Advantages of teeth whitening trays are as follow:

  • Using teeth whitening trays is easy and simple and does not require much preparation.
  • Teeth whitening trays may eliminate the need to visit the dentist
  • Teeth whitening trays are cheaper than in-office teeth whitening

Disadvantages of teeth whitening trays, which include:

  • Teeth whitening trays are less efficient and effective than in-office teeth whitening and do not achieve the same results
  • Teeth whitening trays can be inconvenient while wearing them.
  • Teeth whitening trays need two or three weeks to get the complete whitening of the teeth.

Side effects of teeth whitening trays

In general, the complications of teeth whitening molds are few and negligible.

Teeth whitening trays when not placed correctly can cause bleaching material to leak and expose the gums to it, this material causes gum irritation and inflammation.

Trays can also be contaminated, and wearing them for a long time can lead to infection and gingivitis.

How to use whitening trays

How to use teeth whitening trays?

The way to use the teeth whitening trays is very easy, these trays can be used through a simple number of steps, which include:

  1. Brushing the teeth well and cleaning the gums
  2. Clean and sterilize the trays well, then apply bleach to them
  3. Wear the teeth whitening trays for half an hour to an hour during the day or wear the trays before bed until the morning
  4. Brush the teeth well again after removing the teeth whitening trays.
  5. Repeat the process for of 2 to 3 weeks until you get the desired whitening result.

Teeth whitening trays before and after

Teeth whitening trays before and after

Teeth whitening trays prices

Teeth whitening tray prices range between 150 and 600 USD, and prices vary from one center to another, and according to the country.

Alternatives to teeth bleaching trays

  • Teeth whitening pen

A teeth whitening pen is one of the commonly used alternatives to teeth whitening trays, a teeth-whitening pen is a small, pen-like device that is used to whiten teeth. The teeth whitening pen contains hydrogen peroxide and is used after brushing. To whiten the teeth with the pen, you need to use the teeth-whitening pen twice a day.

  • Teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips are small plastic pieces made of polyethylene, and the strip is coated with a whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide. Teeth whitening strips are used after cleaning the teeth by placing one strip on the upper teeth and another on the lower teeth. The hydrogen peroxide in the gel whitens the teeth and removes stains from them. One of the disadvantages of this method is that the strips cannot reach the narrow and curved places of the teeth, so you see the central section of the teeth bright white while the edges can be yellow or dark.

  • Teeth whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste is an effective way to whiten the edges and outer surface of the teeth, and in particular, it is useful in removing discolorations caused by food or coffee. But whitening toothpaste cannot change the natural color of the teeth nor remove deep stains from them. Toothpaste does not contain hydrogen peroxide, but rather contains abrasive materials that are effective in removing stains and polishing teeth by producing chemicals that dissolve stains on the teeth.

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