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Stem cell treatment Turkey: pros, cons, and cost

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What diseases can be treated with stem cells in Turkey?

To date, there are not many diseases that can be treated with stem cells, but a large number of people around the world suffer from these diseases every year. Stem cells are especially useful in the treatment of chronic diseases and in long-term treatment.

Diseases that can be treated with stem cells include:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints and leads to degeneration and destruction of the components of the affected joint. By injecting stem cells into the joint, it is possible to restore the vitality of the damaged parts and maintain the joint's ability to move.
  • Cancer: Stem cells are used specifically to treat leukemia. For this purpose, the bone marrow of a leukemia patient is destroyed and then a stem cell-rich bone marrow from a donor is transplanted. This prevents the cancer cells from producing what is left of them in the blood.
  • Parkinson's disease: Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disease of the brain that causes a series of symptoms that gradually develop until they lead to almost complete disability of the patient. Stem cells may be useful in repairing damaged neurons in the brain in Parkinson's disease to prevent deterioration and halt the progression of the disease.
  • Heart disease: Stem cells are used to repair the heart muscle in patients who have suffered a heart attack at an earlier stage, but also in patients with heart failure and patients suffering from arterial diseases of all kinds. The aim in this case is to use stem cells to repair damage to both the heart and the arteries.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory neurological disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis causes relapses, each resulting in irreversible damage to an area of the brain. Using stem cells to restore brain tissue can greatly reduce the effects of multiple sclerosis.
  • Type 1 Diabetes: Type 1 diabetes is caused by damage to the cells of the pancreas. Stem cells are used to repair and regrow these cells so they can produce the hormone insulin and treat the disease.

Advantages of stem cell therapy in Turkey

Stem cell therapy in Turkey has a number of important benefits, including:

  • The ability to treat diseases for which there is no other cure.
  • Stem cell therapy in Turkey has a high success rate in a large number of experiments.
  • Stem cell therapy reduces the need for a donor for treatment.
  • Stem cell therapy helps make more organs available to treat transplant patients.
  • Stem cell therapy is useful in preventing problems with the rejection of transplanted organs and tissues by the immune system.

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Advantages of stem cell therapy in Turkey

Disadvantages of stem cell therapy in Turkey

Although stem cell therapy shows promise in treating a number of diseases, it has some drawbacks, the most important of which are:

  • To date, stem cell treatment has not been usually performed in hospitals, but only experimentally.
  • The number of diseases and conditions that can be treated with stem cells is limited, and it is necessary that special ingredients are available for the success of the treatment
  • Stem cell therapy techniques are not available in all the hospitals
  • Collecting, harvesting, and propagating stem cells in sufficient quantities for treatment is difficult and requires advanced techniques, tools, and equipment.
  • Treatment with stem cells is costly.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey

The cost of stem cell treatment in Turkey varies depending on the treatment procedure and also on the clinic performing the treatment. The average cost of stem cell treatment in Turkey is about $7,000, while a bone marrow transplant costs about $50,000.

Top Stem cell therapy Clinics in Turkey

The top stem cell therapy clinic in Turkey include:

  1. Medical Park Group Hospitals
  2. American Hospital
  3. Medipol University Hospital
  4. Memorial Hospitals Group
  5. Medicana Hospital
  6. Florence Nightingale Hospitals
  7. Okan University Hospital
  8. Yeni Yuzyil Universitesi Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
  9. BasakSehir City Hospital
  10. Liv Hospital
  11. Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital
  12. Istinye University Hospital
  13. BasakSehir City Hospital

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Stem cell treatment Turkey faqs

Türkiye, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and India are among the top countries in stem cell treatments
As of 2020, Turkish legalization doesn’t openly prohibit stem cell research.

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