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Stem cell treatment for knees in Turkey

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Does stem cell treatment work for knee problems?

Yes, Stem cell therapy is one of the most promising techniques in the medical treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Stem cell therapy for joints depends on taking a group of stem cells from the body, preparing them, and re-injecting them into the affected joint.

In the case of knee problems, stem cells can be an appropriate and effective treatment option for recovery.

The body continuously produces more stem cells in the bone marrow of healthy people. These cells are produced based on the state of the body and the signals coming from the various organs. These cells are directed to the places where they are needed to contribute to the restoration and preservation of organs and tissues.

Does stem cell treatment work for knee problems?

How are Stem cells used to treat knee problems?

Stem cells contribute to the body's self-healing mechanisms to repair knee cartilage and prevent further damage.

The treatment of knee problems with stem cells is carried out according to several simple steps, which include:

  • Taking a sample of the patient's blood
  • Extraction of stem cells from them
  • Multiplying stem cells and increasing their number in the laboratory
  • Re-injection of stem cells into the knee joint after preparing them appropriately

The treatment of knee problems with stem cells aims to:

  • Restore the cartilage of the knee joint and reduce the speed of progression of the injury
  • Reducing the level of inflammation in the knee joint and treating pain
  • Delaying the need for knee joint replacement or preventing the knee from reaching the point of joint replacement.

Is stem cell therapy safe for knees?

Yes, Stem cell therapy for knees is a non-invasive therapy with minimal or no side effects, some people may face swelling or pain after the procedure but the majority do not encounter any side effects.

Is stem cell therapy safe for knees?

Who can get stem cell therapy for knees?

The treatment of the knee with stem cells is not widespread yet, and it is not routinely performed for all patients with knee problems.

Ideal patients for the treatment of knee problems with stem cells include:

  • Age: Patients have to be between the ages of 18-50 years, and suffer from pain and other symptoms that are severe to the point of impeding them from carrying out daily activities and reducing their ability to walk and move.
  • Not Arthritis Patient: Patients with arthritis and knee cartilage has not been exposed to a large degree of damage with which stem cell treatment becomes useless, as the only curative treatment in the case of severe damage to the knee is knee joint replacement surgically.

is stem cell treatment for knees effective

Yes, although research is still going on and this procedure is not widely spread, results and reviews are very promising 

Stem cell therapy for knees side effects

Knee problems treatment with stem cells is a simple, non-surgical treatment that is performed in the clinic within a short time.

Treatment of the knee with stem cells does not seem to have a number of side effects.

The side effects of stem cell injections for the treatment of the knee include increased pain and swelling around the knee in the first hours after stem cell injections, which quickly disappear in the first days after treatment.

In rare cases, more serious side effects such as infection or bleeding may occur after the injection of stem cells.

Stem cell therapy has a number of drawbacks that reduce dependence on it in the treatment of knee roughness, which include:

  • Stem cell therapy is still the subject of research and study, and studies have not concluded a final formula for stem cell therapy
  • Stem cell treatment is not available around the world and is found only in a small percentage of medical centers and hospitals
  • Stem cell therapy is not performed for knee problems in a regular manner, but rather it is performed for selected cases often, and instead, knee plasma injections are given.
  • The cost of stem cell therapy is relatively high.
Stem cell treatment for knees in Turkey: Top clinics

Stem cell treatment for knees in Turkey: Top clinics

Turkey is a global center for medical tourism, as people come to Turkey to seek treatment from all over the world. In Turkey, it provides distinguished treatment services in various fields and for different diseases and health problems.

Turkey is a distinguished country for stem cell treatment, as Türkiye has several advantages that make it one of the best countries for stem cell treatment, including:

  • Availability of advanced medical centers equipped with modern and advanced medical equipment and devices
  • Presence of specialized doctors who have long experience and are famous for their achievements in the field of stem cell therapy
  • The cost of treatment in Türkiye is significantly lower compared to other countries.

Türkiye includes several important and prominent medical centers in the treatment of knee problems with stem cells. ILAJAK Medical works to provide the best services for the treatment of knee diseases and stem cell therapy, in cooperation with several centers and hospitals that include:

  • Yeni Yuzyil Universitesi Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
  • Medipol University Hospital
  • Medicana Hospital
  • Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital
  • BasakSehir City Hospital
  • Liv Hospital
  • Florence Nightingale Hospitals
  • Medicine Hospital
  • Medical Park Hospital
  • Istinye University Hospital
  • Acibadem Hospitals Group
  • American Hospital
  • Okan University Hospital
  • BHT Hospital
  • Memorial Hospitals Group

The cost of Stem cell treatment for knees in Turkey

The prices of treating knee problems with stem cells in Turkey vary according to the clinics providing the service and the number of years of experience and reputation of the treating doctor.

The cost of treatment can also vary from case to case depending on the severity of the condition.

The cost of stem cell injections to treat knee problems in Turkey averages about 1000-2000 USD, while in the United States, this cost is approximately $8000.

The cost in European countries ranges between 2,500-4,000 dollars.

Stem cell treatment for knees faqs

The success rate of stem cells is still being studied and research is going on, as per ZEN International Pain & Wellness Center:

  • 36 medical centers provided data on the effectiveness of stem cell therapy with clinical efficacy of 82.2 %.
  • 10 clinics provided 90-100 % efficacy,
  • 15 clinics provided 80-90 % efficacy,
  • 10 clinics provided 70 to 80 % efficacy and one clinic provided 55 % efficacy.
Yes, although research is still going on and this procedure is not widely spread, results and reviews are very promising.

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