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Sports medicine

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Are you tired of the knee and joint pain? Did you suffer from a sudden sports injury? Ilajak Medical helps you and provides you with the latest modern treatments, with minimal surgical intervention, by a team of experts and sports medicine specialists to improve your range of motion, reduce pain, and care for joints and ligaments.

What is Sports Medicine?

It is a subspecialty of Orthopedics, and is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of athlete injuries, both professional and amateur, and is also concerned with the clinical and educational aspects and arranging the return to the stadium and track after sports injuries.

If you suffer from joint pain due to a sports injury, and you do not feel better despite all the treatments taken, contact us to know your options, and let us arrange an integrated treatment trip to Turkey for you.

Our team of Sports Medicine provides you with a full service to treat sports injuries in children and adults, whether it is medical or surgical treatment such as soccer, tennis, golf, and weight lifting injuries in addition to endoscopic surgeries of the knee, elbow, and ankle joints.

Hand surgery

Cases we treat in Ilajak Medical

Knee ligament injuries:

It is damage or laceration that occurs as a result of sudden movement or violent injury to the knee and causes instability in the joint, in addition to pain and swelling.

Meniscus tears:

It is a common knee injury affecting the meniscus cartilage surface which lines the knee to facilitate its movement, injury Meniscal tears are usually caused by sudden violent twisting or rotating the knee joint and often arises from violent sports injuries.

The Achilles Tendon Injury:

It is the tendon that connects the Calcaneus (heel bone) to the calf muscles and may suffer from chronic rupture or inflammation, or partial rupture as a result of violent sports, various injuries, or overuse.

Shoulder Dislocation:

It is caused by a shoulder injury after a fall or a trauma, in which the humerus head pops out of its natural position in the joint, and the patient may experience chronic instability of the shoulder ligaments, leading to frequent dislocation of the shoulder joint.

Elbow Injuries

Such injuries to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the elbow are common injuries for athletes and mountain climbers, and also for practitioners of some occupations that require strenuous handiwork.


Tendons: are the tight ropes that connect muscles with the bones to transmit movement, and tendinitis can theoretically affect any tendon in the body, but it is often in the tendons of the wrist and fingers, and sometimes in the tendons of the elbow especially among tennis players, and usually, tendinitis causes swelling and severe pain.

Rotator cuff injury:

It is an injury to one of the tendons positioned around the shoulder, which is called the rotator cuff and the injury causes pain, difficulty during activities, and when carrying somethings.

Ilajak Medical offers the best of the advanced treatment methods, in cooperation with the best specialists in treating athlete injuries in Turkey, in addition to cartilage tissue repair operations in the joints, and athletic rehabilitation for players to return to the stadium with full health and wellness.

Do not hesitate! Contact us to provide you with the best complete health model and care that suits you!

Ilajak Medical© | A passion for care

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