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Robotic Heart Surgery

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Robotic Heart Surgery

Did your doctor suggest surgery to treat your heart condition? Are you concerned about your surgery?

We can now avoid more than half of open-heart surgeries and perform these procedures using surgical robots without stopping the heart from beating and without the need to cut the bones of the rib cage open!

Robotically assisted heart surgery concept appeared recently and received great attention, and intensive efforts are made by hospitals all around the world to train cardiac surgeons to perform surgical procedures using this technology, and only after about one decade of the emergence of this technology, robotic surgery is heading towards becoming the standard of care for the treatment of heart conditions, and instead of performing most of the heart surgeries by the open technique, a lot of surgeons in developed countries have started to use the surgical robot to perform these surgeries.

Cardiac surgeons in Turkey hospitals have extensive experience in performing robotic heart surgery to treat many heart conditions, in addition to the role of doctors and researchers in Turkey hospitals in scientific research and studying these techniques as they follow up all new developments and all relevant scientific research.

Robotic heart surgery is considered a minimally invasive intervention, with the cardiothoracic surgeon performing the surgical intervention uses a control console to control a surgical robot with fine surgical instruments.

The surgical procedures that are performed with robotic assistance are the same as those performed with the open heart technique, with some differences as to how to perform the procedure and how to surgically reach the heart muscle, for example robotic heart surgeries take place without the need to stop the heart from working, or using a bypass machine, or even cutting the breastbone open!

What Kind Of Heart Operations Can We Perform With A Surgical Robot?

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
  • Mitral valve replacement or repair
  • Tricuspid valve repair
  • Atrial or ventricular septal defects repair
  • Remove a tumor in the heart

Robot heart operations

What Are The Advantages Of Robot Heart Surgery?

The surgical robot in cardiac operations provides a high level of accuracy and flexibility during the surgical procedure as it improves the surgeon's vision of the surgical field. Robotic-assisted cardiac surgery also helps to improve the outcome of the surgical procedure and plays a positive role in reducing the complications of this type of operation.

Robotically-assisted heart surgery also helps in:

  • Reducing inflammation at the surgical site
  • Reducing the amount of blood lost
  • Reducing the level of pain due to the small size of the wound
  • Shorter hospitalization period
  • Smaller surgical scars

What Are The Disadvantages Of Robotic Heart Surgery?

There are no downsides to robotic heart surgery, but it is not suitable for all patients and heart conditions, in addition to that this type of surgery requires advanced scientific technology and adequate expertise in using this surgical technology, but this type of surgical procedures is performed daily and regularly in our specialized hospitals in Turkey.

How Does Robotic Heart Surgery Work?

In robot-assisted heart surgery, the surgeons reach your heart by opening small incisions between the ribs of the chest and advances the fine robotic surgical instruments along with a high-definition camera and an electric light.

The surgeon uses special control arms to manipulate the surgical instruments, and these instruments translate the surgeon’s hand movements. The surgeon views your heart in a magnified high-definition three-dimensional view while they are operating. The surgical team in the operating room assists the surgeon helping them change the instruments attached to the robotic arms.

The surgeon guides the operation through a computer-like device, where they clearly see a magnified and three-dimensional image of the surgical site, and controls the field of vision and magnification through a control unit in front of them and it is worth mentioning that the surgeon stays in full control of these surgical instrument during the entire procedure.

Is the robot heart surgery suitable for me?

Robotic heart surgeries are not an option for all patients, as the treating doctor assesses each patient individually, based on each person’s condition and according to their medical and surgical history.

You can contact our medical advisors to find out if your condition qualify for robotic heart surgery.

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