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Radiation therapy for cancer

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Thousands of cancer patients from all countries of the world come to Turkey for treatment because It has specialized centers with high expertise and training in the care and treatment of cancer patients. and treatment, and palliative care experts to care for tumor patients in the advanced stages, in addition to that, it provides these services at lower prices compared to those in America and Europe.

Our Radiotherapy experts provide the best services with the latest innovative and effective methods in the world.

The Radiotherapy team works with an integrated multi-specialty team of doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, and radiotherapy technicians, to ensure an integrated and specialized service is provided to each patient, ensuring the achievement of optimal treatment and results.

We offer radiotherapy for all of the following diseases:

  • Breast tumors.
  • Tumors of the brain, spinal cord, and spine.
  • Gastrointestinal tumors, pancreatic cancer, and liver cancer.
  • Urinary tract tumors.
  • Gynecological tumors, such as: cervical cancer, endometrial cancer.
  • Head and neck tumors.
  • Blood tumors, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and bone marrow tumor (Multiple myeloma (MM)).
  • Skin and melanoma tumors.

How does tumor radiotherapy work?

The radiation used in radiotherapy kills rapidly-dividing cells such as cancerous cells because it contains high-energy X-rays leading to irreversible damage to the genetic material of these cells, leading to their death.

The radiation source could be internal as the implantation of radioactive material either inside or close to the tumor, and it could be external meaning the rays are projected from outside on the location of the tumor to produce permanent irreversible damage.

What are the side effects of radiotherapy?

Radiation damage may extend to healthy cells causing some symptoms such as fatigue, skin damage, and loss of appetite.

Do you feel pain during radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is so painless that the patient does not feel the presence of radiation at all during treatment sessions.

We offer you an integrated set of advanced medical devices and the latest technology available in the field of oncology (cancer treatment), managed by a highly experienced and specialized team, to choose the best treatment regimens and reach the best possible result.

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