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Organ transplantation procedures

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The organ transplantation in Turkey has reached a prominent position and has achieved high ranks at the international level, due to the adopted and developed policies for the Medical Tourism in Turkey.

Organ transplantation in turkey

Organ transplantation in Turkey ranked third globally

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tekin, General Director of Health Services at the Turkish Ministry of Health, confirmed in a media statement, to the Anadolu Agency correspondent, that Turkey has achieved impressive successes in the medical field, making it in the top ranks globally. Stressing that global statistics ranks Turkey due to some indicators related to specific specialties in the first 3 ranks, and in the first 5 ranks according to other indicators.

Dr. Tekin stressed that the policy in the health sector in Turkey is working with great progress, which led it to top ranks worldwide.

In a statement, Dr. Tekin stated that organ transplantation was the most important specialized medical field in which Turkey reached top ranks in the world, saying:

Organ transplantations are extensively performed in Turkey. Where 5 thousand and 598 transplants were done in the year 2018, and this number will reach 6 thousand operations in 2019. These numbers clearly show that Turkey ranks internationally in the field of organ transplantation, as we are ranked in the first 3 worldwide.


We must mention here the organ transplantation center at Akdeniz University, which is one of the distinguished centers in Turkey, it has achieved a precedent in different types of organ transplantations, it is the first center in robotic transplantation, and it has a promising future in raising Turkey globally in this field.

robotic transplantation

Organ transplantation in Turkey is a pioneer in health services

In a statement, Dr. Tekin added that the Ministry of Health is striving diligently to further develop the health sector, especially in the field of medical tourism in Turkey, which is one of the most important countries that patients visit for medical tourism from all over the world.

He added: I visited with the Minister of Health many countries of the world, to introduce Turkey and the development of the health sector in general. People have been very impressed with this progress everywhere we have gone.


And continued: Turkey has reached the leading position in the health sector, especially organ transplantations. Many foreigners today go to Turkey for transplantation operations, and the number of visitors is constantly increasing. Likewise, medical tourism has had a major role in this leadership. The income of medical tourism today is 1.5-2 billion dollars, and we expect, after our tours, to reach 10-20 billion dollars in the coming days.

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Source: Anadolu

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