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Turkey's success in fighting Corona paves the way for Medical Tourism recovery

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The head of the Health Administration Department of Istanbul Medipol University, Prof. Dr. Yeter Demir Uslu. said: The successes Turkey has achieved in fighting Corona epidemic will open the way for increased demand for Medical Tourism in the country, and the successful administration Turkey has demonstrated in reducing the outbreak of Corona epidemic will increase its share of revenues from world medical tourism; It has been appreciated many times by various health organizations, including the World Health Organization.

She said: Our country has demonstrated its health capabilities by taking advantage of all facilities and means, such as private jets, ambulances, and ships, to contribute to the service of citizens infected with Coronavirus, and the transfer of Turks residing in different countries to their country, also provided urgent medical assistance to many countries including developed ones in the efforts of the Turkish government's contribution to reducing the spread of Corona.

Medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey is waiting for real revenues in the medical tourism sector

The Academy pointed out that the Medical Tourism in Turkey during the past three years has been the scene of many important achievements, noting that the number of foreign patients treated in the country last year exceeded 880 thousand and that patients from European countries including Germany and Britain were at the forefront of arrivals to Turkey for treatment in its hospitals.

It also witnessed that the countries of Europe, especially Italy, Spain, and France, showed a bad performance in the war against Corona epidemic, and the United States of America is still making intensive efforts to control the virus.

She added that our successful management in Turkey against the outbreak of the epidemic provided us with a serious opportunity to obtain more shares in the medical tourism sector at the European continent, and the demands for the medical tourism sector in Turkey are likely to increase and this sector will achieve real and very good gains in the long term.

It has compared health services provided in Turkey with their counterparts in European countries, the United States and countries in the Middle East and Central Asia in terms of price, long waiting duration, technical and medical capabilities, and the level and qualifications of health sector workers; The Turkish health sector, according to the statement, has advantages over the mentioned countries.

The Medical Tourism sector in Turkey: highly competitive capabilities

Uslu revealed that Istanbul is ranked first among Turkish cities in medical tourism, noting that the opening of a group of important hospitals in it was the result of tight strategic plans, under the medical tourism sector it is seen that there is a balance between the Turkish states with the largest number of patients and the number of hospitals established in it, and the newly founded medical cities have made significant contributions to advancing the medical tourism sector and developing it, by providing advanced infrastructure and medical devices.

It also praised the quality of the Turkish health system; as the number of medical cities and emergency hospitals increased, Turkey's competitiveness in the field of medical tourism increased.

Finally, she stated that the states of Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Trabzon, Mugla, Bursa, Aydin, Rize and Yalova are the most preferred in the field of medical tourism for Turkish citizens and foreigners alike.

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Source: Anadolu Agency   COVID-19


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