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What do you know about tattoo’s harms medically?

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The culture of Tattoo has spread in the past among special groups and societies, such as the Gypsies and some other races, with special symbols, this culture has leaked to civilized societies with machinery and modern technologies, where many drawing and designs have tempted many young men and women to it, but they no longer often symbolize something, except who want it that way.

The culture of tattoos has spread to Western societies, like wildfire, and the profession of tattoo artists has become almost equal to the profession of a barber in terms of demand intensity.

This culture did not take long to infiltrate Arab societies in the first chance, to every group of the society, without even checking harms and dangers, apart from the advance religious prohibition for it.

Tattoos; harm and medical risks

Tattoos in the traditional way, rely on pricking the skin with specific needles, then using a suitable dye, it has the same risks that arise from the modern methods used in advanced tattoo operations.

“Contact Dermatitis” citing researchers at “the New York University Medical Center”, reported that approximately 6% of tattooed New Yorkers had a rash because of tattoos, and this was manifested by severe itching or swelling, and these symptoms persisted for more than 4 months, for some others this suffering lasted for several years.

The results of the study came from an interview survey, which was conducted on about 300 adults in New York Central Park in June 2013. The survey participants ages ranged between 18-69 years of people with not more than five tattoos, where the most popular site for a tattoo in 67% of the study participants was the arm.

The researchers, who conducted the study and gathered information about the medical complications caused by tattoos, said that they were shocked by the high rate of chronic complications resulting from these tattoos. These are negative complications, the treatment requires anti-inflammatory drugs, while others may require the use of laser tattoo removal techniques and treatment.

In some cases, the matter may develop into a difficult case to remove the tattooed areas of the skin, or it may lead to the appearance of scars or skin lesions, which can rise several millimeters from the skin and cause severe itching and disturbing disorders.

The type of damage caused by the tattoo varies according to the color of the ink used. The study revealed that the areas of skin injected in red and black experienced long-term complications in some of the affected people.

Among the other main findings of the study is the short-term complications, which occurred in approximately 10 percent of the people who were studied, and this was the occurrence of pain, swelling, and skin infection that occurred in the first weeks after drawing the tattoo.
Other studies have shown that many have already returned to tattoo parlors for advice or have requested a medical diagnosis because of the immediate side effects.

laser tattoo removal cost

Another government study conducted in Germany also said that one in three tattoos contains harmful substances, and two out of three tattoos contain ink that is similar to car paint, and some of the substances used are carcinogenic, including black carbon, which is frequently used In-car tires and printer inks, which are illegal materials and may not be injected into the skin.

It is noteworthy that its difficult to control the manufacture of these inks, which keeps them away from inspection & monitoring and increases the possibility of their dangerous use.


Pause before getting a tattoo!

Research and experiments have proven, without the slightest suspicion, the high probability of negative results of tattoos and the inks used in them for the skin, therefore risking the health of your skin in order to achieve immediate desire may be a big mistake, which is rejected by medicine and mind.

Tattoos usually express a momentary whim because of a specific mindset, but as time progresses opinions and attitudes may change, so this tattoo becomes a heavy burden on the owner, forcing the owner to pay twice the cost of tattooing to remove it using laser tattoo removal techniques or other techniques.

When marketing tattoos in tattoo shops, there is no honest indication of the potential danger to you, so be careful of its potential harms! It is better to prevent the use of tattoos than to treat the damage.


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Source: U.S. Food & Drug Administration

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