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Medical News Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul receives visitors soon
Jan 28 2020

Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul receives visitors soon

Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul is classified as the third-largest health investment in Turkey, it’s completion is supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health as one of the joint sector projects.

The huge medical complex will provide health services with the highest levels of quality, modernity, and technology in Istanbul and neighboring states.

The medical city will provide its distinguished services after the operation to more than 65,000 people daily, and it is expected to start providing services to patients in the mid of the current year 2020.

Basaksehir Medical City’s High standards rise the Turkish health sector

It is known that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has given great attention to the health sector, but this project for him was an obsession that reflects the level through which the Turkish medical sector can rise. The Turkish President described the medical city of Basaksehir as “Personal Dream”, as it is a city closer to a dream than to reality with an indoor construction area reached one million square meters.

On the engineering side, the medical city of Basaksehir have seismic base isolation with 2040 seismic isolators, deserved the title of "the largest building equipped with seismic isolators in the world", and due to these seismic isolators, the hospital will be able to continue performing the most precision surgeries even during an earthquake!

Returning to the details of the main hospital, it consists of six building blocks built around a joint main building. The main hospital capacity of Basaksehir medical city is 2354 beds, while the physical therapy and rehabilitation department has a capacity of 200 beds, and the capacity of the psychiatric department is 128 beds, for a total capacity of 2682 beds.

The beds in the medical city are divided into departments according to the following table:


Medical Speciality ( Department )

Number of specified bed

General Hospital Ward


Cardiology Department


Orthopedic and Neurology Department


Pediatrics Department


Obstetrics and Gynecology Department


Oncology Department


Psychotherapy Department


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department



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