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J-Plasma Technology: Features and Uses

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What is J-Plasma technology?

J-Plasma is a modern cosmetic technology used for liposuction and tightening sagging in the body.

The J-Plasma device is a non-surgical technique, which relies on the use of cold plasma energy, helium gas, and radioactive materials to generate heating followed by very rapid cooling under the skin in the targeted area for treatment.

The J-Plasma device is gaining great popularity due to the advantages it offers. With the spread of obesity and the difficulty of losing weight, the annoying flaps remaining, and an undesirable appearance after losing weight, it is important to have a technology that helps solve these problems and get rid of the flaps and fat from the body.

Previously, it traditionally required liposuction, which is not a suitable method for all people, with the need for surgery to get rid of sagging skin and tighten it, but with J-Plasma technology, getting rid of sagging has become easier with very few or almost no complications.

What is J-Plasma technology?

What are the uses of the J-Plasma device?

J Plasma technology is one of the modern technologies that can be used to get rid of several aesthetic problems in the skin and the body.

The uses of the J Plasma device include:

  • Treatment of sagging after losing weight and tightening the skin
  • Getting rid of cellulite in women
  • Getting rid of fat that does not go away through traditional weight loss methods and liposuction
  • Wrinkle treatment and skin tightening
  • The J-Plasma device can be used on any sagging area in the body, including the arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, chest, face, and neck.

J-Plasma advantages

The J-Plasma device has several features that make it one of the most popular options in the treatment of sagging, liposuction, and skin cosmetics.

The most common features of the J Plasma device include:

  • The J-Plasma device eliminates the need for liposuction, as the J-Plasma device is a faster, cheaper, and easier alternative than traditional liposuction
  • The results of the treatment can be seen with the J-Plasma device immediately, and it takes only a short period to recover and see the final result
  • The J-Plasma device only needs one session, and sagging can be performed using J-Plasma in a clinic, and there is no need for hospitalization
  • The J-Plasma device does not leave any scars, and it requires only a small needle hole in the skin
  • The J-Plasma device promotes the growth of collagen fibers in the skin and leads to the restoration and renewal of collagen fibers, restoring the skin to its freshness and elasticity.
  • The J-Plasma device does not cause any pain, has few side effects, and does not carry the risk of serious complications

J-Plasma disadvantages

The J-Plasma device does not cause any serious complications, and thanks to the technology that combines cooling and heating, the possibility of burning or damage to the skin is almost non-existent. However, the procedure to tighten sagging using the J-Plasma device may cause some side effects due to the high temperature in the skin, and the side effects include:

  • Pain and redness
  • Warmness in the treated area
  • Mild inflammation of the skin
  • Temporary bloating and swelling of the skin
  • Itching and sensitivity
  • These side effects disappear within two or three days after the J-Plasma procedure and can be reduced during this period by using over-the-counter pain medications.

How does the J-Plasma device work?

The J-Plasma device works according to the cold plasma technology that is generated in the skin by helium gas and radio waves.

When the head of the device, consisting of a long needle, is inserted under the skin, and after the device is positioned in the target area for treatment, the device emits short-frequency radio waves.

This wave has a great ability to heat the water in tissues or various non-living materials.

The radioactive material is released along with helium gas, which has cryogenic efficiency and quickly lowers the temperature. The combination between highly effective heating radio waves and fast-cooling helium gas creates a state of extreme hyperthermia in skin tissue that is quickly cooled by helium gas. This leads to an interaction in the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which ends with a significant shrinkage of these fibers and a tightening of sagging within a very short time.

How does the J-Plasma device work?

How much does J-Plasma Treatment Cost?

The cost of treatment with the J-Plasma device varies according to the country of the procedure and the clinic providing the service.

The cost in Europe, for example, is about $1,200, and in the United States, it reaches $1,800.

A treatment session with a J-plasma device in the Arab Gulf countries costs between 1000-2000 dollars. In Egypt, the cost of a treatment session with a J-plasma device is about $700, and the cost in Turkey is about $500.

J Plasma in Turkey: Top Clinics

ILAJAK Medical offers a variety of services in the treatment of obesity and weight loss, in addition to post-obesity treatment, such as getting rid of sagging, and cellulite, liposuction, and everything necessary for you to have a healthy, fit body, and enjoying a better condition and a healthier body. In this regard, ILAJAK Medical provides various means of tightening sagging, including the J-Plasma technology, which is provided to you by the most skilled and longest-experienced doctors in the field of cosmetics and the treatment of various skin problems. ILAJAK Medical doctors use the finest and best types of J-plasma devices, and therefore to ensure your safety and that you get the best results safely from various problems and complications.

ILAJAK Medical doctors conduct J-Plasma sessions with various uses of technology within clinics that are equipped with the best equipment and the most comfortable facilities, taking into account all safety and security standards during the procedure, to ensure that you do not face any potential complications or problems.

Physicians are also keen to ensure that you do not have any condition that would prevent the success of the J-Plasma technique. It provides you with various medical treatment services related to J-plasma technology at the lowest costs, as we are keen to provide the highest quality services for the lowest price.

ILAJAK Medical | A Passion for Care.

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