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Hollywood Smile in Turkey: pros, cons, and cost

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Why is Istanbul a good choice for a Hollywood smile?

Istanbul has become a popular destination for Hollywood smiles, due to the availability of a wide range of options and materials at reasonable prices which encouraged interested tourists and patients to come to enjoy their vacation and have a wonderful smile and lovely vacation, with the increasing numbers of patients coming day by day the experience of the dentists and the betterment of the treatment plans has occurred too.

Types of Hollywood smile in Istanbul

Hollywood smile is the ultimate result of multiple steps and multiple procedures that lead to a beautiful harmonic smile called the Hollywood smile, these steps and procedures may include:

Veneers or Lumineers are thin custom-made shells fitted on the tooth's frontal surface.

Crowns: Crowns are a cap that covers and protect teeth. According to patient expectations and budget, crowns may be porcelain, zirconia, or e-max.

Teeth whitening: If teeth are complete and in perfect shape, and do not require any restoration then teeth whitening might be a good choice but it’s worth mentioning that teeth whitening is not permanent.

Hollywood smile in Istanbul procedure

Starting with a FREE accurate consultation, discussing your expectation and the possible ways to get a beautiful Hollywood smile, if you have missing teeth they need to be replaced with Dental implants and the rest teeth need veneers or crowns so that you have a similar shape, color and size teeth.

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In Istanbul you will go through the same steps you have done already online, ILAJAK Medical will receive you from the airport and accompany you to the hotel and then to the clinic according to your appointment, dentists will check and asses your teeth with the help of radiographs, then you will discuss with the dentist possible ways to achieve Hollywood smile.

How much is Hollywood smile price in Istanbul?

To get a Hollywood smile patients may require Veneers or Crowns where starting price for porcelain crowns is 130 USD and 275 USD for Veneers and 3000 USD on average for the full mouth.

The second option is teeth whitening which costs 500 USD approximately.

Best dental clinics for a Hollywood smile in Istanbul

ILAJAK Medical has been the 9pioneer dental clinic in Istanbul since 2020, with updated centers and highly qualified and experienced dentists.

How much is Hollywood smile price in Istanbul?

Hollywood smile in Istanbul reviews

Mr. Munir Marhaba who got a Hollywood smile at ILAJAK Medical in Türkiye appreciates and recommends the clinic the experience and everything he went through.

“Of course, Türkiye caught my attention” by this kind word he appreciated what Türkiye has done in the Medical Tourism sector in recent years.

“We are very happy about our initial introduction and the contact we had” then continues “what we like about ILAJAK is their openness in what to be done, the price, and what to expect in that amount of time” he ended up saying “We are very satisfied looking forward to recommending ILAJAK”

Hollywood smile in Istanbul before and after

  • before after
  • before after

Special package deals by ILAJAK

ILAJAK always offers more than perfect medical services and accompanying services we further arrange packages for patients interested in availing of Hollywood smile on any other medical services in Turkey.

Like tours after or before the procedures, discounts, top-rated hotel stays, and medical therapy bags after selected surgeries.

ILAJAK Medical | A passion to care.

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