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Hair transplant in Turkey vs London!

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You might one day think about getting a hair transplant in London after hearing all the successes of the hair transplantation procedures there, and you might ask yourself is this really your best option?

In fact there are options other than the UK, as the costs in London still exceed the purchasing power of many men who suffer from baldness, so you do not have to give up the whole idea of getting a hair transplant just because it costs much more than you can afford, you still can look for other places.

Nobody can deny that London is famous for its plastic surgery clinics and hair transplant centers, but Turkey is really the leading country for hair transplantation in the world, as it is the destination for men from all parts of the world who want to treat baldness and get attractive hair.

Hair transplantation in the UK 

It is clear that getting a hair transplant in London is an advantage for everyone who lives in the United Kingdom, given that London is the capital of the United Kingdom.

In London there are a lot of clinics famous for their qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons, you can find clinics where you can make an appointment for surgery with a famous doctor if you can afford the costs of the procedure, which may reach 30 thousand pounds in general, when it comes to the costs of hair transplantation in London, it is clear that you will have to be ready for extravagant expenses.

In London, costs for hair transplant start from 3000 pounds to reach 30 thousand pounds for full head transplants when the (FUE) technique is used, and of course the cost depends on the amount of hair follicles you want to transplant to get a good coverage and the technology you choose.

Hair transplant benefits and side effects

And given that hair transplantation in London is very expensive, hair transplant clinics there resort to prolonging the treatment period to more than a year, which is the most commonly used strategy for the purpose of not intimidating the patient from paying 20,000 pounds as a single payment, and this is how expenses are divided into multiple payments and with this you end up paying a lot of money and having to wait longer time to get your hair transplant.

All these factors plays into making FUT technique still being used in a lot of hair transplant centers in London, because it is cheaper, without looking at how painful it is or the scars it leaves.

Why is hair transplant cheap in turkey?

Did you know that the average cost of hair transplant in Turkey ranges between 1,100 and 2,200 pounds?

When you take everything in consideration, the advantages and disadvantages, it would make sense to you why people prefer getting hair transplants in Turkey over going for the London choice.

 hair transplant in United Kingdom

Are hair transplants in turkey good or bad?

Hair transplantation in Turkey started a decade and a half ago, and its popularity has been increasing since then especially in the last couple years, as Turkey has become the number one destination for a lot of men and women who want to get hair transplants from all countries of the world.
This is because Turkey has combined high quality, reasonable prices and competition, in addition to the distinguished experience, given that tens of thousands of hair transplant procedures are performed in Turkey each year.
On top of that, you can take a guided tour of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey.
You don't have to worry about hair loss anymore, as hair transplants in Turkey offer a radical solution to your problem.

Top hair transplant clinics in turkey 

In Ilajak Medical, we offer you the best methods of hair transplantation according to the international standards, by the hands of an elite group of Turkish plastic surgeons, and with the latest scientific hair transplantation techniques, such as DHI plus techniques, and the Sapphire Pen technology.

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We also offer you in Ilajak free online consultations, and accompany you throughout your hair transplant journey, from airport pickup, to a healthy comfy hotel stay, and luxury transportation service, in addition to a tour in the most beautiful places of Istanbul after the treatment session.

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We also offer you in Ilajak the best techniques of male hair transplantation, beard and moustache transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, female hair transplantation, and other types of hair treatment in Turkey.

Hair transplant Questions

Yes، within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery، the transplanted hair will fall out، but you should start to notice new growth within a few months. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months.
Yes absolutely، by transferring hair from any hair resistant zone in your body mainly back of your head to bald or thinning follicles zone.
Hair transplant surgery is normally safe when performed by a qualified، experienced certified surgeon. Still، individuals vary greatly in their physical reactions and healing abilities، and the outcome is never completely predictable. As in any surgical procedure، an infection may occur.
Celebrities prefer good reputation centers and experienced doctors، we in Ilajak Medical combine good reputation، highly experienced doctors، and reasonable prices.
Yes، the reason behind that it is transplanted from the hair loss resistant area.
It's normal for the transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure. This makes way for new natural hair growth.
Scars occur in the donor area of your scalp- the area where hair follicles have been taken out.
Good Hair Transplant can simulate natural hair look and direction.
Hair Transplant is a safe، and permanent hair restoration procedure without pain and minimal side effects.
The best Hair Transplant depends on individual needs and circumstances along with the physician recommendation.

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