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Hair Transplant in Turkey | Increased Saudi Turnout

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In the past years, Turkey has witnessed unprecedented demand by the Saudi citizens for traveling to Turkey to get hair transplants in Turkey in specialized Turkish hair transplant clinics. Being one of the main destinations for Saudi tourists, Turkey receives hundreds of thousands of Saudi citizen who come to visit Turkey and spend their holidays there.

hair transplant in turkey


Hair Transplants in Turkey | High Quality and Attractive Prices


Saudi Arabia citizens have shown a great demand for this cosmetic procedure in Turkey, benefiting from the low prices, as they save nearly two thirds of the prices they would pay in other countries to get the same service. Besides being much cheaper hair transplantation centers in Turkey provide high quality services by qualified healthcare professionals with high experience in the field of hair transplants.
With regard to prices and costs, the cost of hair transplantation in other countries in Europe is six times more than the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, while it costs much more than that in the United States of America.
On the other hand, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now suffering a significant decrease in the number of clinics specialized in hair transplantation, and maybe we can explain this by the proliferation of many clinics and specialized medical centers in the Republic of Turkey, which opens a wide area for competition, and places the Saudi tourist in front of many different options.
In recent years, Turkey has gained an international reputation for hair transplantation, as Arab, and European tourists from countries like Germany, Sweden, England, and Russia, among others, visit Turkey with the aim of getting hair transplants at competitive prices.

Earlier reports have stated that a significant percentage of the Saudi citizens who went to Turkey for tourism have already had hair transplants.

In addition to this, Turkey has witnessed during the past period a larger number of visitors from the Arab Gulf countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular, in order to undergo medical evaluation, and some surgical and cosmetic procedures, such as hair transplantation, weight loss procedures and teethwhitening.

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