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A major development of cosmetic & plastic surgery in Turkey

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The field of cosmetic & plastic surgery in Turkey, especially nose surgery, has developed significantly during the past decades, this development comes within the framework of the state’s endeavor to revitalize the tourism sector in general, and theMedical Tourism  sector in particular, and as a result of this Turkey has become an attraction for cosmetic surgeons, who always want to practice the latest developments in modern cosmetic & plastic surgery.

 Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic & Plastic surgery in Turkey

On the sidelines of the specialized course activities for Rhinoplasty surgery, held at the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, the President of Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and Aesthetic Plastic surgery specialist, Prof. Dr. Nazim CERKES made statements about the developments achieved by Turkey in the field of cosmetic & plastic surgery, where he said:

"Cosmetic & Plastic surgery in Turkey, especially nose surgery, has been able to record significant developments in recent years, as this year witnessed organizing the sixth course of cosmetic  &plastic surgery at Florence Nightingale Hospital, with the distinguished participation of many cosmetic surgeons who came from outside the country, and a group of local doctors specialized in this the field".

Dr. Nazim explained that the aim of establishing these courses is to train Turkish and foreign doctors, specialized in plastic & cosmetic surgery, to develop their capabilities of using modern cosmetic & plastic surgery techniques, especially in Otorhinolaryngology surgery.

Dr. Nazim added: “Foreign doctors came from 36 countries to participate in the training course, led by the United States, Brazil, Colombia, and China, and through this course, they learned about various methods of Rhinoplasty surgery.”

Dr. Nazim continued speaking: "This year the training course involved performing 10 robotic surgeries, where all 10 surgeries were broadcast in specialized halls, and live cameras, which helped 250 participants in the training course, including 200 foreign doctors to see the latest technologies used in surgery directly.

Dr. Nazim stressed on the importance of this training course, describing it as a "qualitative and important training course" because it allowed the participants to explore the latest technologies, reached by knowledge in the field of cosmetic &plastic surgery and nose surgery.

 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Foreign doctors learn Cosmetic & Plastic surgery in Turkey

While evaluating the training course, Dr. Nazim told Anadolu correspondent: “Thanks to the qualitative training course that was held at the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, Cosmetic & Plastic surgery has reached major progress, and Turkey has become a true center of attraction in the field of cosmetic & plastic surgery, especially nose cosmetic & plastic surgery".

He also drew attention to: "The course worked on providing how most prominent problems facing the participating surgeons during their cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures could be presented, and then helped them listening to the effective methods that guarantee the solution of those problems."

At the end of his speech, Dr. Nazim focused on an important point, referring to the great progress that has been made in Medical Tourism in Turkey, where he said: " Foreign doctors specialized in cosmetic & plastic surgery have shown great eagerness to learn from their Turkish counterparts, and they have worked hard to see the most prominent modern means and methods of cosmetic & plastic surgery. "


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Source:  Anadolu Agency

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