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Surgeries that use lasers to treat refractive errors of the eye such as myopia, far-sightedness, and astigmatism, have made one further step forward by developing the LASIK procedure that has been widely popular because of its safety and speed of recovery, so that eye surgeons can open the outer shell of the cornea using high-tech femtosecond laser and this new technique is called FemtoLASIK.

What is femto LASIK ?

FemtoLASIK procedure is used to correct refractive errors of the eye such as myopia, far-sightedness, and astigmatism of all degrees, from mild, moderate to very severe, whether astigmatism was an accompanying problem or not

What is the difference between femto LASIK and LASIK?

The FemtoLASIK is the developed version of the LASIK procedure. FemtoLASIK involves opening the outer shell of the cornea creating a flap using a femtosecond laser instead of the micro-scalpel used in traditional LASIK, this method of opening the cornea is considered a highly accurate and reliable method, and significantly better than traditional LASIK  as the flap created by femtoLASIK is more even and much thinner, which makes thin cornea less of a concern when considering eye laser surgery.

After opening the corneal flap, the cornea is reshaped according to the measurements of the cornea and the refractive error at hand, and the corneal flap is replaced without using any surgical sutures.

The patient can be sent home after completing the procedure without complications, and some medications and antibiotic eye drops and a painkiller are prescribed.

The patient may need to wear eye protection for a short period after the operation, and the doctor will follow up on the patient's condition after the procedure to ensure that there are no complications.

Femtolasik benefits 

What distinguishes the FemtoLASIK procedures from traditional LASIK is the accuracy in opening the cornea using femtosecond lasers, but for the most part, FemtoLASIK is very similar to traditional LASIK procedures in terms of reduced pain postoperatively, short recovery period, the ability to treat severe degrees of myopia, and not to incur any damage to the cornea.

Femtolasik requirements 

Laser eye surgery or LASIK is not considered appropriate for each patient, as the age and nature of the refractive problem, and the presence of other diseases in the eye may prevent the patient from getting the desired results, so the eye surgeon has to thoroughly evaluate the patient to make such a decision.

What Are The Contraindications of FemtoLASIK surgery?

  • Severe dry eyes.
  • Cornea and eye infections.
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Immunodeficiency.
  • Use of some medications.

Before Femto LASIK Surgery

The surgeon takes a thorough medical and surgical history from the patient, to ensure that FemtoLASIK procedure is appropriate for them, and also performs a complete eye examination.

Contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses for a long time changes the shape of the cornea temporarily, so you should not wear contact lenses at least two weeks before the operation, and with some types of contact lenses the patient has to not wear them before a full month of examination of the cornea and the procedure.

Eye examination

It includes the following procedures:

  • Slit lamp examination: to ensure that there are no infections in the eye and eyelids, and that the eye is free of any pollutants, such as cosmetics
  • Corneal examination: to take accurate readings and ensure accuracy of the first readings, because the procedure depends on the corneal readings, its topography, and thickness.
  • Measuring pupils’ size: Patients who have a large pupil are at risk of developing night vision problem and discomfort immediately after the operation. The surgeon will take special measures for these patients to reduce these symptoms.
  • Ensure that there is evidence of dry eye: because the LASIK procedure may cause some dryness in the eye as a side effect.
  • Eye Fundus Examination: To evaluate the optic nerve disk in case of pathological changes, and to ascertain the eye lens has no problems
  • Intraocular pressure measurement.


What are the risks and side effects of the FemtoLASIK procedure?

Among the most important side effects are the occurrence of some problems with night vision, some brightness or glare in vision, besides some of the following problems:

Failure to completely correct the problem of myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism, but it is possible to make some adjustment in the period after the operation without having to repeat the procedure

Eye dryness: The patient can use some special eye moisturizers to relieve dryness.

Inflammation or infection in the cornea: It is very rare to occur, but it is one of the most serious complications that may cause blindness.

Long-term results of FemtoLASIK

The FemtoLASIK procedure is similar to the LASIK procedure in its results, where it is noticed that the problem of myopia or farsightedness or astigmatism is corrected eliminating the need to wear contact lenses and eyeglasses for almost all daily activities.

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