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Dental implants in Istanbul

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Is Istanbul a good place for dental implants?

Yes, Istanbul is one of the best places for a dental implant, beside the experience of the dentists and the modernity of the equipment you can find a wide range of dental implants according to your requirement and budget.

Is Istanbul a good place for dental implants?

The cost of dental implants in Istanbul

ILAJAK Medical in Istanbul offers various types of dental implants according to manufacturing country and many other factors, where the starting price is 275$.

The best dental implant clinics in Istanbul

There are multiple good clinics in Istanbul offering dental treatment services with very good qualified and experienced dentists and modern equipment.

ILAJAK Medical clinics stand in the front line of the best clinics in Istanbul, in addition to advancement in the dental field ILAJAK Medical offers very distinguished supporting and accompanying services making it a number one choice for all the patients coming for dental implant and treatment.

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The best dentists for dental implants in Istanbul

The dentists in Istanbul have gained very significant experience and skills dealing with international patients coming from all over the world for dental treatment in general and dental implants particularly, availing excellent results and reasonable prices.

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ILAJAK Medical clinics have the top dentists in every specialty, we make sure to deliver high-quality dental services to our valued patients.

Why should you choose ILAJAK Clinic for dental implants in Istanbul?

We are specialized in the fields of Dental implant & aesthetics services in Turkey.

We offer free consultations, answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and an accurate treatment plan that fulfills what you are looking for within your budget.

An excellent level of after-treatment care and a Guarantee certificate, make your treatment trip perfect, hassle-free, and up to your expectations.

Special package deals by ILAJAK

ILAJAK Medical offers special packages, big discounts, and offers to please our patients.

We encourage patients interested in undergoing treatment in Turkey to contact us to avail any of the available offers.

In addition to all the accompanying services like transportation between the airport and the clinic, accommodation, highly qualified and experienced dentists, sanitized and clean clinics, and interpretation services all of this and much more are included in the cost with NO extra hidden charges.

Dental implants in Istanbul faqs

Yes, Istanbul is trustworthy for dental implant procedures, with licensed clinics and highly qualified dentists.
A dental implant procedure requires 1 to 2 hours, but if the patient is coming from out of Istanbul they need to stay here for 5 to 7 days.

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