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Dental implants experience in Turkey with ILAJAK Medical

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Details of dental implants experience in Turkey

Below we will share experiences and reviews of dental implant patients and their results, done at ILAJAK Medical in Turkey.

- How does the client know about ILAJAK Medical?

Our patient here is Mr. Muhammad Al-Moqbel, who resides in the United States of America. For 10 years, Mr. Muhammad Moqbel had an accident that led to the loss of most of his teeth, which affected his lifestyle negatively.

Mr. Muhammad was suffering from eating difficulties due to his weak teeth, in addition to the problems related to the appearance of the teeth, he was unable to treat his teeth due to the high cost of dental implants in the USA. The situation continued until Mr. Muhammad met with one of ILAJAK Medical's patients who had recently performed dental implants, and through him, he got to know ILAJAK Medical and contacted us and obtained the necessary information for dental implants.

- How was the consultation and evaluation stage?

When Mr. Muhammad Al Moqbel arrived in Turkey and visited ILAJAK Medical’s dental clinic, Mr. Muhammad met with one of our experienced dentists in dental implants.

The condition of the teeth was assessed through a comprehensive examination, with x-rays and panoramic images, to assess the condition of the jawbones and determine their ability to withstand the implants and their stability.

Then a details treatment plan was set with an estimation and required time frame.

- What services did ILAJAK Medical provide prior to the dental implants?

An appointment was booked by Mr. Muhammad to visit and obtain dental consultation, ILAJAK Medical secured all the requirements for Mr. Muhammad's arrival, including hotel booking, and transportation between the clinic and the hotel. ILAJAK Medical teams also received Mr. Muhammad at the airport and accompany him to ILAJAK Medical’s dental implant center.

dental implants

- The dental implants at ILAJAK Medical Clinic

After a complete evaluation, determining the number of implants required, and evaluating the condition of both the bones and gums, the implant procedure was performed to replace the missing teeth.

During the procedure, anesthesia was used for the entire gums and teeth to avoid pain, and the dentist was keen to work in a comfortably while giving the surgical procedures enough time to be performed correctly and to fit with the jaw bones and gums and with other teeth.

In the first stage of the operation, the dental implant that will form the roots of the teeth is placed inside the jawbone.

Titanium implants manufactured according to the best quality standards have been used to achieve the longest possible life of the implants.

Then abutments were fitted to the implant to prepare for the placing of the crowns.

In the final stage of dental implants, crowns made of zirconium were placed and the procedure was successfully completed.

dental implants

- Dental implant results and client satisfaction

Mr. Muhammad was impressed with the results he got from dental implants, the dental implants achieved what Mr. Muhammad hoped for years, and he was grateful to have regained the beautiful smile that he had lost.

The dental implant experience for Mr. Muhammad was a significant improvement in the quality of his life, on one hand, he regained his ability to eat comfortably, and on the other hand, he regained his smile.

- ILAJAK Medical's services in the post-implantation stage

The services provided to you by ILAJAK Medical do not end at the end of the medical procedure, but we follow-up with you to ensure the best results permanently.

After the dental visit, we make sure that our patients visit the dentist regularly, to examine, evaluate and test the condition of the implants, and to ensure that there are no complications such as infection, instability, failure, etc.

Thus, we are keen to prevent our patients from being exposed to any complications or side effects of dental implants, and we make sure that they can continue to smile.

We also provide services to our patients during their tours in Istanbul, by providing convenient transportation and the best places to stay, while providing important instructions so that their experience is rich and useful.

Other experiences of dental implants in Turkey at ILAJAK Medical clinics

Another distinguished experience of ILAJAK Medical patients, Mr. Munir Marhaba, who came from Canada, told us about his experience in dental implants with ILAJAK Medical.

In the following video, Mr. Munir Marhaba praised the reception of ILAJAK Medical team who met him at the airport upon his arrival in Turkey and then took him to the dental clinic to meet the specialized dentist.

The modern and advanced equipment available at ILAJAK Medical center impressed Mr. Munir Marhaba, and the comfortable and professional treatment given to him reduced his fear of the procedure.

The experience of dental implants with Mr. Munir Marhaba was completed with wonderful success and he obtained healthy teeth that enable him to smile and eat comfortably.

In ILAJAK Medical, we offer you the best dental implant services by the most skilled dentists and dental assistants, which use the latest technologies, devices, and the top brands of dental implants and dental prostheses.

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