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Medical News A decline in the number of Corona infections in Turkey, Polo state is free of the disease
May 06 2020

A decline in the number of Corona infections in Turkey, Polo state is free of the disease

The Turkish state of Polo announced the recovery of all Corona patients and therefore free of infection.

In the same context, Turkish Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca announced on Tuesday that the death of Coronavirus virus continues to decline throughout the last period.

In a tweet on Twitter, Koca indicated the continuous decline in Corona deaths and the number of patients in intensive care and those on ventilators.

Adding: "The high number of people recovering from Corona is an indication of Turkey's success in fighting the virus."

Two weeks ago, the daily death rate was above 100, before last week it fell below 90 and today it is below 60.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Ministry of Health data showed, on Tuesday, that 59 deaths were recorded in Corona, raising the total to 3,520.

Corona infections in Turkey, Polo state

The same data indicated that the number of infections increased to 129,491 after 1832 new cases were recorded.

In addition to a recovery of 5119, taking the total to 73,285.

It also showed that 33,283 examinations were performed to detect corona, bringing the total to one million and 204 thousand and 421.

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