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Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder is one of the most unconstrained joints of the body is the shoulder joint, it has the broadest scope of movements, making it one of the most vulnerable to injury or dislocation.

The shoulder joint is formed from the head of the Humerus and the Scapula, and it is characterized as being the most unconstrained joints of the body, it has the broadest scope of movements, making it one of the most vulnerable joints of the body to be injured or dislocated, especially for athletes and craftsmen, approximately 20% of the visits to the family doctor are made by people with shoulder pain and problems.

In most shoulder injuries, doctors prefer medical treatment over the surgical operation, as most shoulder problems can be treated conservatively through exercise and some anti-inflammatory non-steroids, but sometimes the surgery can not be delayed to prevent the problem from getting worse and becoming difficult to treat later if left untreated.

Ilajak Medical focuses on giving all patients a unique personalized health care experience based on a multidisciplinary approach to overcome the disease, restore function, and decrease pain through:

  • Detailed medical history of the patient, health problems, nature and the symptoms of the shoulder problem.
  • Full physical examination of the shoulder joint, its range of motion, how well it functions, and how much the joint’s function is affected by the pain.
  • The medical diagnosis of the nature of the problem.
  • Educating the patient and increase their awareness of the medical problem.
  • Medical and surgical treatment according to the nature of the shoulder problem.
  • Making sure the patient has realistic expectations regarding the shoulder problem and its outcome, especially in cases of complicated shoulder conditions.
Shoulder Surgery in Turkey

Cases of shoulder injuries that we treat, and the operations we perform:

Rotator cuff tears

When one or more tendons surrounding the shoulder, which are called the rotator cuff, are torn, the tendon loses its connection to the Humerus in whole or in part.

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)

It is a medical condition that affects the shoulder causing severe pain and restricting its movement. This usually occurs as a result of a shoulder injury, a broken bone in the shoulder, or previous surgery.  

Shoulder instability

Shoulder instability happens because of loosening or a tear in the ligaments or the capsule  surrounding the shoulder joint.

Shoulder arthroscopy

It is one of the least invasive surgical procedures of the shoulder, where very precise equipment is used to enter the joint through a small incision to perform surgery on the joint and remove free elements inside the joint capsule.

Shoulder Joint Arthritis

Happens because of the consumption of the joint due to aging where cartilaginous surfaces have degenerated, which maintains joint movement soft and smooth.

Shoulder Joint Replacement

Done in severe Arthritis cases, where the degenerated part is removed, and replaced by another artificial joint.

Do you suffer from pain and difficulty in moving shoulder?

We provide you with consultation from medical specialists, to treat shoulder problems with the help of the best shoulder surgeons in Turkey, and if the surgery is your the best option, our treatment centers in Turkey are at your service, we will arrange your treatment trip, which includes airport reception, hotel stay, medical interpreter, all that for a reasonable prices.

Contact our medical advisors team or book an appointment with our specialists.

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