Bone tumors

Bone tumors

Bone tumors are a complex disease because in some cases they include nerves, muscles, and arteries, and affect the life and function of the limb.

Bone tumors are a complex diseases because they include in some cases nerves, muscles, and arteries and affect the life and function of the limb. Special competencies and several specialists are required for the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

We, in Ilajak medical, provide you with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options, and we treat the patients according to their specific medical condition, through a coherent team of surgeons and doctors, who work as a team to provide high-quality medical care, enabling the patients to overcome their condition, relieve their pain, treat them, and rehabilitate them after treatment. This is carried out by:

  • Knowing the detailed medical and surgical history, treatments and chronic health problems of the patient.
  • Full medical examination and the impact of the disease on the patient’s life.
  • Pathological examination and medical diagnosis of tumor nature.
  • Educating the patients and increase their awareness of their medical problem.
  • Medical and surgical treatment according to the type and pattern of the tumor.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation programs and psychosocial support programs.

Bone tumors
What cases do we treat?

Bone sarcoma

Bone sarcoma is a rare tumor that grows in the bone often for an unknown cause and it is sometimes hereditary. It appears in the bones that are still growing, meaning it is found in children and adolescents.

Osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma are among the most common types of tumors, even among children and adolescents, while cartilaginous sarcoma comes second after them and it appears at a relatively late age.

Sarcoma of Fat and Muscular Tissues

Soft tissue sarcoma, although rare, affects thousands of children and adults, and can affect any part of the body such as muscles, fat tissue, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves, and includes more than 50 other subtypes.

In our centers, our expert doctors diagnose and treat bone and soft tissue tumors, such as adipose and muscle tissue tumors, under the supervision of an integrated multispecialty medical team.

Where we work to diagnose the condition, then treat it with all advanced treatment methods whether surgically, chemically, or radiation for different bone tumors such as bone sarcoma, cartilage tissue, Ewing sarcoma, fibrous sarcoma, myeloma, and malignant metastasis, in addition to performing surgical operations to save the limbs and protect them from amputation or losing their functions.

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