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Best Spa Resorts with Medical Services clinics in Turkey.

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In this article, we will learn about the importance of health resorts and the treatment services they offer and the top and famous health  &  medical resorts in Turkey

What exactly is a spa?

A place where people can stay to improve their appearance or health by eating well and exercising and sometimes also by drinking or bathing in water with natural substances in it.
There are currently over 1300 Spa & Wellness centers in Turkey. 220 of them are 5-star hotels, mostly on the coastline, even in the 3- star hotel the spa & wellness are present.

Benefits of a spa in Turkey

  • Turkey has a long history with the existence of over 467 museums across the country, a vast geographical area, and a diverse nature that provides many types of spa resorts along with spa towns. In addition to containing a variety of seasons and weather in different cities.
  • The benefits of the spa vary depending on the location of the spa and its nature and you find them as follows:
  • Spa Resorts with Turkish baths (Hammam):

Turkish hammam is a historical tradition, dating back centuries to the Romans. It includes high temperature and humidity is around 100%, where a person sits in the bathroom tries to breathe deeply to relax. The physical therapist makes a massage especially, using natural oils, and then washes the body and rubs it using a special glove, which helps to get rid of dead skin, works to open pores, to keep the body sweat inside the bathroom, helping to rid the body of toxins.

  • Spa Resorts with European and Asian baths:
In this spa, you can experience a glimpse of the paradise and unique aromas of precious oils, quiet music, and the massage to immerse you in an exceptional moment. In addition to a range of unique soothing body treatments. This includes peeling treatment with grape seeds, including European, Asian, and Turkish bath treatments.

  • Natural spas:

Many natural spas are located in mountainous areas, near rivers, lakes, and beaches, providing many options for visitors, taking advantage of Turkey's picturesque nature. In addition to the hot mineral springs and natural Sulfur spas that are located in Turkey.

  • Spa Resorts in historic villages and cities:

Turkey has 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, located near spa resorts, allowing visitors to dive through history with mental comfort and pleasure in the beauty of nature. In addition, many Turkish villages are located alongside monuments, historical sites, and museums, giving aesthetics and an opportunity to roam in the traditionally popular areas.

  • In addition to diet, resorts offer guests a way to get healthy through specialized nutrition or fasting in a controlled environment, addiction treatment, and hospitalization, as many Turkish resorts have medical facilities to provide nourishment and physical and spiritual treatment for each visitor.
Benefits of a spa in Turkey

Types of the spas in Turkey

  • Spa resorts in hills and mountains
The mountainous nature of some regions of Turkey such as Anadolu and the Black Sea offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy hot springs and therapeutic baths in spa resorts after completing the adventures and sports tours, in addition to the mountaineering and snow skiing.

  • Spa resorts in beach resorts

The four coasts of Turkey are characterized by stunning landscapes, beautiful climates, and plenty of sandy beaches, including 383 blue flag beaches, making Turkey one of the most important beach countries you can visit and enjoy spa & wellness treatments.

  • Spa resorts near rivers

Turkey's rivers are among the most beautiful rivers known for their beauty and purity. The cold waters of these rivers flow into their paths, and some of those rivers run under their hot waters magically with a scene that blows your mind. The vicinity of the rivers is a very important tourist attraction. The spa resorts and restaurants have been set up on its banks, and famous for the presence of red salmon, mullet, and gilt-head bream fish. There are also nature reserves alongside some of those rivers, such as those in Samson State, which contain the largest bird sanctuary on the World Heritage List.

  • Natural and sulfur spas

In Turkey, hot water comes out naturally from the places where the spas are located. Spas waters are a source of healing for many diseases, as well as a lot of comforts. Because the spa water has a high sulfur content. Sulfur is a very useful mineral in the treatment of skin and facial beauty.

  • Medical spa resorts

A medical spa is a spa with facilities that offer elective appearance improving procedures under the care and direction of a trained physician and a team of nurses and aestheticians. These elective medical spa procedures vary in nature, but almost all of them have the same goal to rejuvenate or treat the patient by using the hot springs and baths and physical therapy.

  • Spas in tourist villages:

Turkish villages have a long history and a charming nature, many of which are located next to historical monuments and sites, allowing visitors in nearby resorts to visit these historic villages.

Types of the spas in Turkey

Medical Resorts or Med Spas: What's Best For You?

Medical resorts usually have centers and facilities to help with temporary treatment, especially after the patient is discharged from the hospital to make him fully eligible to return home. It is not a condition that it contains natural springs. Services normally offered include nursing care, stroke rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recuperation after surgeries.
Med spas are the same as medical resorts, but usually near or contain a mineral spring or hot spring. In addition, many procedures at Med spas are medical treatments and should be performed by licensed medical/health professionals only. Services also include skin rejuvenation sessions, detoxification of the body, and bath in special medical baths.

Spa Medical service in Turkey

As a leading in medical tourism and healthcare, medical services in Turkey significantly lower costs than the USA and Europe, in addition to the diversity of nature. Medical services in spa are unique and comprehensive to all the wishes of the visitor and we will mention them as follows:

Sulfur waters in Turkey

Sulfur mineral water has traditionally been used in medical hydrology as a treatment for dermatology, respiratory, muscle, and bone disorders. Driven by recent intensive research efforts, topical treatments have begun to show benefits for pulmonary hypertension, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, peptic ulcers, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. The beneficial effects of Sulphurous mineral water are due to the presence of sulfur in the form of hydrogen sulfide that is useful for biological cell processes.

Rheumatism treatment

No approved cure for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is known at present, so treatment often focuses on the management of symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and mobility. Treatment options are pharmacological interventions, physical therapy treatments, and Balneotherapy. Balneotherapy (bathing in water) is a type of therapy that aims to reduce pain and improve daily functioning. Balneotherapy often takes place at the centers with thermal baths or seawater baths.

Mineral baths

​For hundreds of years, cultures have recognized the tremendous healing benefits of mineral hot springs and spas. When we look at the World’s hot springs like the mineral springs in Turkey, we will observe that they are extremely high in sulfate mineral content. As the water passes through rock layers of the earth, it accumulates more than 100 natural trace minerals including calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicate, sodium, lithium, and sulfate. Bathing in or drinking the mineral water of these healing springs has been said to treat everything from rheumatism to obesity. The synergistic combination of minerals and heat in the water produces a therapeutic effect that goes beyond relaxation.

Natural therapy

Thermal Spas are one of the most valuable sources of healing water in Turkey. Thermal Spa's in-house thermal pools, hydrotherapy, and balneotherapy sessions provide thermal water to penetrate deeply into the body.

The physical treatment

In Turkey, spa therapy programs include treatments like balneotherapy, peloid therapy, aquatic exercises, physical therapy modalities, and exercise. Also, Turkish spas might be used to provide the rehabilitation of long-term COVID-19 patients, and non-COVID-19 patients, along with the hospital rehabilitation units, which are currently overwhelmed with acute rehabilitation of COVID-19.

Ilajak Medical provides physical therapy, post-stroke rehabilitation, as well as treatment for patients with neurological diseases, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage, 24-hour recovery, and hospitalization services.

Sports therapy

Spa Resorts in Turkey includes sports facilities for training and injury treatment programs. These programs and services offer an opportunity to maintain fitness and mentality while enjoying fresh water in spas located in mountainous places or near rivers and beaches, giving visitors options for all kinds of sports in and out of the spa resort.

Book your place now in sports programs in our best health resorts, in the arms of nature, to learn more about what matters to your health, and to join training sessions for fitness, yoga, meditation exercises, swimming, and teach you to use those exercises in your daily life.

Turkish bath and massage

The Turkish bath has unique benefits, especially about stress relief and psychological stress, the Turkish bath has high humidity that may reach 90% in addition to the heat may be much lower than the sauna, which makes it less stressful. Also enhances blood circulation by expanding blood veins. But the greatest benefits of this treatment may relate to the skin, which is subject to deep purification through this ritual of opening pores the body can get rid of the harmful substances absorbed during daily air pollution.

Slimming spa

It is characterized by the provision of healthy meals for each medical condition separately, and also includes meals associated with various types of diets, in addition, many of these spas can reduce the size of the body either through sports facilities or by reducing the volume of body water with spa and sauna, as well as to its ability to give energy to exercise continuously and daily activity through various types of massage.

In our resorts, in addition to the hospitalization and convalescence services, we provide a beneficial nutritional program, as we provide you with healthy food to improve your health and help you lose weight more easily. Our diet programs and hospital programs also help you improve your life regime and sleep well.

Post-addiction rehabilitation

An individualized addiction plan is customized according to the addiction severity.

Treatments vary to:

  • Medical Detox
  • Safe drug Withdrawal
  • Residential Detox
  • Client Medications
  • Real-life Experiences
  • Community Access
  • Structured Treatment in groups
Natural therapy
Steps treatment from addiction:
  1. The detoxification phase of the body:

 In the first step, you get treatment of drugs. At this stage, the body will get rid of toxins that have become part of it and completely removed them from the blood.

  1. Treatment of withdrawal symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms are combined with the psychological and physical symptoms that accompany the detoxification process of the body, such as sleep and insomnia disorders, accompanied by abdominal pain, high blood pressure, sweating, and high body temperature. The duration of this phase is between one and two weeks and depends on the patient's improved condition

  1. Rehabilitation phase:

This is the main and most important stage of the drug addiction treatment and may last between 4 and 6 months depending on the patient's condition and ability to tolerate treatment. The patient is taught several skills that help him not to relapse again through psychotherapy and behavioral sessions. He can also be given some medications that help him with psychotherapy and pass the desire to return to the drug again.

Ilajak Medical provides post-addiction rehabilitation service, in the best spas and managed by a team specializing in psychotherapy.

Sulfur water baths

Soaking in hot springs can be a great way to naturally detox your skin. Thanks to the high amount of silica in the water, it can also soften rough or dry skin. Plus, the mineral content of sulfur springs has been shown to help persisting skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. The treatment of ailments with hot sulfur water has such a rich history that called “Balneotherapy”.

Facial treatments

Ideal for those who have mixed skin or prone to impurities, balancing facial treatments is the enemy of ugly enlarged pores. Participate in it will help regulate the production of oil in your skin, which is a great help if you suffer from the effects of hormonal imbalance, and contains many types such as lax face treatment, enzymatic, moisturizing, rejuvenated, laser-peeled and anti-peachy, tightening, and collagen.

Skin peeling treatments

The vast majority of skin exfoliation treatments are offered among spas. Spas are designed to remove whole layers of dead skin that target the appearance of the body in a great depth and show a bright and younger face. Many of these peelers include chemicals that usually contain glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid or peelers through a light source such as lasers, surgical and non-surgical lasers. there is an increase in the number of resorts that use non-chemical and non-laser treatments that are more suitable for irritated and sensitive skin.

Spa and medical resorts cost in Turkey

Spa and medical resorts cost in Turkey

The costs of spas and medical resorts in Turkey vary greatly due to their different location and the farther to the airport. In addition to the number of available services with accommodation, some spa resorts contain Sports clubs and advanced treatment sessions and the others contain only Sauna and spa. The cost ranges from $350 to $600 per night.

Ilajak Medical provides transportation from the airport to the medical spa resort as well as an accompanying medical interpreter throughout the treatment period with a medical team for consultation and follow-up before and after treatment.

Ilajak Medical© | A passion for care.

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