Healthy Food

Healthy Food
Ways to Maintain the Ideal weight in light of the continuous home Quarantine

Many people suffer from overeating during the quarantine and insufficient daily activity, which may cause obesity. We will learn about the best ways to maintain the ideal weight during the quarantine.


Apr 16 2020

Healthy Food
Mango: Unlimited Health Benefits

You must have tasted mango delicious taste and enjoyed eating its salads or drinking its juice, but did you ever that mango have great health benefits? Let’s get to know some of these benefits.


Feb 07 2020

Healthy Food
Drinking Tea Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

The health benefits of tea are numerous, and among these benefits is its ability to increase heart health and reduce high cholesterol, as a recent research that included about 100,000 people discovered that people who drink tea live for a longer time and have a better health condition.


Jan 22 2020

Healthy Food
Watermelon Seed Benefits: Great Nutritional Value

Watermelon is a summer fruit that most people love, especially in hot summer as it can be very refreshing due to its high water content.


Jan 21 2020

Healthy Food
20 Healthiest Foods | Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Choosing healthy foods and meals rich in vitamins and minerals that our body needs helps us to live a life free from ailments, full of gladness and health


Jan 10 2020

Healthy Food
Green Pepper: The Miracle Vegetable

Green pepper is one kind of vegetable that is indispensable for our food tables as it gives more taste and pleasure to our food, as its flavor is good for a lot of recipes.


Jan 07 2020

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