Best Teeth Whitening Method In Turkey Prices 2021

Dental Publications

Dental Publications
Benefits of keeping wisdom teeth and how to know if you need to remove them?

Wisdom teeth appear after puberty and can cause health issues for some people. We will learn what are they, why do we call them so, and in which cases should they be extracted!


Apr 16 2021

Dental Publications
 Zirconia teeth type and costs in Turkey 2021

Zirconia dental crowns and bridges are used to treat and protect the affected teeth due to decay or fractures, etc, In this article we will learn about the advantages and drawbacks of Zirconia Crowns and bridges


Jan 28 2021

Dental Publications
Benefits of porcelain teeth and costs in Turkey 2021

Porcelain crowns and veneers are used to strengthen and protect damaged teeth due to decay or cracks or any other reason. In this article, we will discover dental porcelain and its advantages and risks.


Jan 08 2021

Dental Publications
Bone graft procedure for a dental implant, the cost in turkey

There are many reasons for Osteoporosis and loss of jaw bone, which leads to tooth loss. After losing a tooth, the jawbone may shrink and lead to jawbone atrophy.


Dec 15 2020

Dental Publications
root canal treatment steps and temporary and permanent filling

In this article, we will learn about the importance of root canal treatment and how is it done. This article is comprehensive and will answer all your inquiries.


Dec 04 2020

Dental Publications
Reviews and Costs of Crowns, Dentures, and Bridges in Turkey

Dental Crown & Bridges is the ideal solution for treating dental caries or fractures, in addition to a beautiful smile.We will learn how to place dental crowns and bridges, and their types and costs in Turkey


Nov 25 2020

Dental Publications
Best teeth whitening method in turkey prices 2021

Many people suffering from tooth discoloration go for teeth whitening in Turkey to obtain a suitable shade, remove stains and discoloration, and restore a natural smile.


Nov 16 2020

Dental Publications
Immediate implant placement advantages and disadvantages in Turkey

The difference between immediate and traditional dental implant is frequently asked, in this article you will find everything you want to know about immediate dental implants.


Nov 16 2020

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